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7 of the Best Remote Jobs for College Students

remote jobs for college students

Remote jobs for college students have become a reality with the advent of the Internet. Online jobs have been used for a long time as a way to make extra money, but in recent years have become much more popular as the Internet became accessible to everyone. Students who opt to pursue online jobs as a stepping stone to more formal training or job should not worry. There is a plethora of online job portals that offer plenty of online positions. Many online job portals provide work from home opportunities. For a student interested in making money online from home, this is a superb prospect. They gain valuable work experience while making the most of their spare time.

While pursuing online jobs for students, it is important to be careful. Because a number of these jobs involve sending confidential information over the internet, it is imperative that students take care in deciding which online job programs to join. It’s recommended that they undergo training programs to make sure that they are familiar with internet safety problems. As a matter of fact, a few of those programs will help the student secure employment once they’ve successfully completed the application. Now students can find hundreds of different jobs that they can do from their own home and there are some exciting opportunities available.

remote jobs college students

Virtual Assistant

One such opportunity is being a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant does all the secretarial work for any professional who needs help with taking care about administrative tasks. A student simply has access to all the emails, calendars, schedules and tasks of the employer and helps them to take care of everything, to make sure all the meetings are held at the scheduled time, all the deliveries are received and all the emails are answered. They can be paid hourly or by the project. This can be a great option for someone who wants extra money but doesn’t want to stay at the office.

remote jobs virtual assistant

Freelance Writer

Another online job opportunity is to become a freelance writer. Freelance writers are needed by many different companies. A quick search on Google for freelance writing will turn up companies seeking people to write articles, blogs, and other content for them. They pay very well for high quality content and this can be a great extra money maker.

remote jobs copywriter

Administrator for Instagram Shopping

The most exciting opportunity is one that hardly anyone has heard about until now: becoming an administrator of Instagram shops. Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites on the Internet. Millions of users log on each day to share photos with their friends. That is why a lot of shops decide to open their pages there so they can increase their brand awareness.

It is important to have beautiful, attractive photos and original content so people are not only following the page but also actively commenting on posts and sharing their opinion. A lot of requests for purchases in such shops come through Instagram pages so it is important to cooperate with clients quickly, nicely and sell as many items as possible. For such purposes administrators are hired. They take care of all such moments, help to gain more clients and take care of existing ones.

instagram shopping

Online Tutor

Lots of students decide to work as online tutors to those who need one. Since you are studying now, all your knowledge is up-to-date and you can explain different topics. If the online tutor has several clients, he or she may charge by the hour. Some students just need one lesson done; others need several lessons. So, the online tutor can bill by the lesson, or he or she can bill by the hour. Again, the online tutor has the right to refuse certain remote jobs if the student isn’t getting paid appropriately.

remote jobs online teacher


Students who would like to translate online English documents (such as books and guides ) or blog articles may register for compensated translation services. You can discover several translation service providers on the internet, but you need to sign up and become a member before you are able to use their services. These translations are often free of charge, but you have to pay a monthly fee for the hosting of your blog. Paid dictionaries require a few technical skills, but are usually well worth it. A number of translation providers have special applications for translation of academic documents.

remote jobs translator

Social Media Manager

A lot of existing bloggers are interested in delegating their routine tasks to other people in order to have more free time. They can hire students who have a little understanding about how social media works and pay them for promoting their blogs. Such jobs allow you to work from your phone, build connections and extend knowledge about social media. You can build target promotions, organize marketing campaigns and think of the best way to gain more followers and activity on the page of your employer.

remote job social media manager

Online influencer/Blogger

In case you don’t want to be a SMM to some blogger, you can actually become one. The brilliance of nowadays social networks is that everyone can find their own audience. You can express your thoughts and opinions about different topics. If you have a hobby, that can become something you are an expert in and you can share your knowledge with others. Consistent online activity will help you to get more followers and as a result a lot of brands might want to cooperate with you. Sometimes they simply offer you things they are selling, however also there can be paid advertisements. This is a great way to have extra money all the time and even more in case the page becomes famous.

Remote jobs have certainly opened up a new avenue for people who need a little extra money. It has also made it easier for anyone with a computer and internet connection to have additional source of income. It is a great opportunity not only for adults but also for students to get great experience, connections and money without any harm to their education process.

remote jobs influencer

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