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8 Life Science Jobs You Didn’t Know Can Be Done Remotely

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Remote working has become the norm since the COVID-19 outbreak. However, not every job can be done remotely. And you might think the same if you work in the Life Sciences sector.

Surprisingly, though, you have many options that you might have thought of. That said, we have listed down eight life science jobs that you can do at home:

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Clinical Research Associate

When you think of finding work in the life sciences industry, it usually has something to do with the medical field. Thus, you might think that being in the life sciences industry means that you have none of the luxuries that come with working from home.

However, this isn’t the case if you’re working as a clinical research associate.

A Clinical Research Associate (CRA) ensures that ongoing clinical trials are headed in the right direction. Every clinical trial has a process, and it is your job as CRA to check if they adhere to the guidelines.

clinical research

Life Sciences Consultant

When you are in the life sciences industry, you don’t have to be directly in academics or the medical field. You also have other opportunities in the commercial space.

One example of a life science job in the commercial area is a life science consultant, but what is a life sciences consultant in the first place?

According to Michelle Dipp, a Life Sciences expert, a life science consultant’s work is multi-faceted. It can range from providing advice on the products, market dynamics, and so on. It will depend on the needs of their client.

Consulting work is commercial work because your clients are life science companies. However, your consultation work has direct effects on people’s lives.

life sciences consultant

Bioinformatics Analyst

The art of looking through data and determining unique insights is crucial in many businesses. More so in the Life Sciences sector.

That’s why a job around bioinformatics and data science is becoming more popular in the life sciences industry.

With that said, a job that you can do remotely is that of a Bioinformatics Analyst. A Bioinformatics Analyst handles the data related to the field, stores it, or manipulates it in whatever way they need to use it.

Given the nature of the work, Bioinformatics Analysts usually also present their work in conferences. Thus, strong knowledge and skill in scientific writing and literature is a must.

bioinformatics analyst

Medical Science Liaison

Another exciting life science job that might interest you is that of a Medical Science Liaison. A Medical Science Liaison or MSL can bridge the gap between a company and industry key opinion leaders.

They are similar to account managers, only with strong scientific backgrounds that come in handy in their line of work. After all, the MSL communicates the benefits of the product they work for created to the KOLs.

Although usually, MSLs have to travel a lot, nowadays, they can do their work from home, especially since many KOLs are probably working from home.

medical science liaison

Regulatory Affairs Administrator

A Regulatory Affairs Administrator is a job that’s not solely confined within the life sciences sector. You can also see them in federal offices and other regulatory agencies. It can happen within the financial industry as well as the life sciences sector.

This position requires people to have project management skills. That’s because this role requires you to try and liaise between multiple teams and departments in the company.

Besides that, you are responsible for ensuring that any regulatory submissions or filings are always on point. It also requires you to attend courses frequently. This ensures that you have up-to-date information on any regulatory policies and the like for your industry and company.

regulatory affairs administrator

Medical Writer

When you are looking for life science jobs that you can do remotely, the one that you should encounter most often is a medical writer. There are plenty of companies looking for people with excellent writing skills.

So, if you are into writing and with an extensive scientific background, this might be the life sciences job for you.

With that said, there are plenty of companies that will be on the lookout for medical writers. What’s great about this is that you don’t need to be there to do this job well physically. Some people even do this as a side job outside of their nine-to-five, which you can also do.

medical writer

Scientific Research Editor

In the same vein as a medical writer, there’s also the job of a scientific research editor available to you. As there’s a need for writers, editors need to ensure that the writing is as clear-cut as possible. Therefore, the need for a scientific research editor is also present.

For this particular role, you need to be detail-oriented as well as have good writing skills. It would be best if you also learned how to manage your time, especially since you need to manage deadlines often in your line of work.

As a scientific research editor, you’re also going to have access to up-to-date knowledge in the field, which is a perk for any curious mind.

scientific research editor

Life Sciences Translator

If you’re in the life sciences sector and are also fluent in two different languages, you might want to consider being a life sciences translator.

A life sciences translator can be quite tricky because you have to go through the text you have to translate in terms of a different language basis. You also have to interpret the scientific and technical language to be more approachable, depending on the work that you have to do.

Translation work does not require you to be physically present 24/7. Hence, you can be translating scientific papers within the comforts of your home.

life sciences translator

Over to You

As mentioned earlier, not every job can be done remotely. But that also means that every job is not location-dependent.

So, even if you are in the Life Science sector, you can still find life science jobs that you can do within your home’s comforts. If you do not believe us, check the positions listed above.

Consider these job options if you are looking to make arrangements to start working remotely. Otherwise, you can still find opportunities if you know where to look.

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