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Remote job seekers use social media influencers to get a job

Remote Job Seekers Use Social Influencers To Get A Job

Job seekers searching for remote jobs and traditional in office employment often use social media to get that one lucky break when applying for advertised job vacancies.  Hopeful too  for that one chance in a lifetime for securing an unadvertised job from an internal referral. Yes, many remote job coaches, career and life coaches say its a proven method. This job search tactic,  combined with traditional job search strategies is an effective method for obtaining employment. 

Using professional social media platforms may not be enough to get a job

The social media websites used by job seekers most frequently for getting a job are Linkedin and Fivver for securing a freelance gig,  Linkedin has been the traditional ‘go to’ professional networking site to build your professional career. But that’s just it. There is a big difference between starting a career, getting your first entry level job and building a solid network to maintain a middle management or starter job that you already have!

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Forbes put it this way in its review of Linkedin, “it has a wide reach, but its not a good fit for entry-level or manual labor jobs as other platforms.” So there you have it. What is a young, fresh, recent college or high school graduate to do to get a job? Maybe its good to think outside of the box!

Reaching out to social media influencers in your field may be the ticket to getting a job

First time job seekers could consider reaching out to influential social media marketers to get hired. Tapping into social media influencers can help digital savvy job applicants raise their stature and build a viable professional brand. Don’t worry you stumble the first few steps fresh out of the gate. It may take several tries to get it just right. But its worth a try right? What do you have to lose?

In an article appearing in the International Journal of Environmental and Public Health researchers conclude you have much to gain, there’s a lot of uptake potential. Still skeptical? Here’s what a study has shown.

Reasons for tapping into tribes of social media influencers to obtain a job

Social media influencers and influential niche marketers have already build a sure fire, solid base of followers because the people who frequently visit their platform find that the best, most successful influencers:

  • offer perceived friendship (they really have my best interest at heart)

  • have an internal drive to be socially responsible (first rule is to do no harm to others, the second rule is to give more than you receive)

  • value the psychological well-being of their followers (temporary failure is universal while also demonstrating how they have successfully overcome similar setbacks)

Here’s a post to gain more insight:

Because of the perceived and very real value gained from following the best niche market influencers, their followers reward them with their loyalty. Which leads to the main thrust of this article. Becoming part of a pre-established network of people with similar interests and goals can be helpful for any newcomer in any field. Further, you can bet that most networks are filled with entry-level job seekers just like you as well as those who are mid-level looking to make a transition or gather ideas to keep their knowledge relevant. And finally, the best networks can be founded upon old timers, professional codgers who’ve amassed several decades of experience willing to share tidbit that they’ve already seen and heard before. Sure, listening to these old stories can be a time drain, but believe me, imagine the mistakes avoided, the crime crimes thwarted, professional relationships kept just by taking on the perspective of those who have stepped on many landmines, lost a limb or two and are just dying to help a young person continue to stand strong on his own two feet. Such guidance is priceless!

Prominent celebrities who have used a network tribe to achieve professional success at highest levels

Tapping into the network of social media influencers isn’t a novel concept.  In essence, you are either riding their coattails, going with their flow, riding their wave of success. Its a beneficial atmosphere for all parties (followers) involved.  Big businesses do it all the time.  Celebrities do it. They reap visibility and money-making opportunities because they understand that becoming part of a movement bigger than yourself is an effective way to get a bigger slice of life’s pie. t’s a slice you can’t afford not to go after yourself. One of the smartest personal and professional development  marketing strategies you can put into play is to build relationships with niche marketers  whose word carries a lot of weight online. Think we’re kidding you? Its not a joke. Here’s a few real life examples :

  • Oprah Winfrey –> featured  Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz on her show and introduced her best friend, Gayle King to her professional contacts

  • Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

  • Nicolas Cage –> introduced Johnny Depp to his agent

  • Paris Hilton –> was bestfriend to Kim Kardashian

If you think back, it is possible that in each one of these examples listed above, the one’s benefiting from being associated with a well-known influencer did not knock on a prominent person’s door unprepared. From the viewpoint of making rewarding gains (financially, professionally and personally) that could be mutually beneficial, at first glance, it may look like influential marketers do not need you. So why reach out? Why would they need to align themselves with you?

Luck in getting a job is when preparation meets opportunity

Success is where luck and preparation meet. So, before reaching out to a tribe you’d like to join, you have to analyze yourself (your strengths and weaknesses). Figure out what you have to offer. Prepare a profile showing your accomplishments. Create your 30 to 60 seconds elevator speech. Find a professional photographer to take professional headshots for use as your profile picture. List the many ways in which you, your skills and your big heart have helped others. Be willing to spend some money to invest in yourself by cutting back on frivolous expenditures. Explore in the back of your mind, just what you would do (can do) within reason without charging a fee to get your feet wet and to get in the door. Do you have free products you can offer as samples? Can you give a free introductory service for a set time period? Do you have people who are willing to give testimonials?

You have to think through these questions to develop a strategy of attack. If you don’t take the initiative, you might feel intimidated or like there’s some good old boys club that you couldn’t possibly break into. Or maybe you feel like if you have nothing to offer. Why would they let you into their tribe? Here’s a few recommendations:

10 Tips for finding a social media influencer tribe to join to help you obtain a job

  1. Take small steps. If you’re confident that you have good intentions, then you want to seek out an influencer who has an existing follower base that would be a perfect fit suited for your needs.
  2. Determine your goal. Do you want to build your brand? Do you want a job? Do you want job, career, life or relationship advise?
  3. Research the background of the social media market influencer. Is it solid?
  4. Determine the amount of resources (money, time spent on the platform, commitment) you want to give to the tribe?
  5. Develop an introductory script and introduce yourself to the tribe accordingly
  6. Broaden your scope to become less dependent upon the social media influencer and open to explore virtual and in person relationships with members (like you) of the tribe.
  7. Participate with in person events whenever possible.
  8. Use a ratio of 20:80 posts where you emphasize how you are looking for assistance vs support and assistance you can give to others.
  9. Evaluate the benefits of belonging to the tribe frequently.
  10. Remember the tribe is only as good as its members.


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