10 Wild Animal Totem Positive Affirmation Cards (for the price of 5)


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Full set of 10 These Animal Guardians are Animal Totems that can be used to enhance positive affirmations and positive thoughts. They can be used to help you manifest positive right action in your life.

Each animal guardian is made from regular card stock.

The statements viewed on the pictures of the Animal Guardian cards are the only statements that have been printed on the affirmation card. However, here is some additional information (there was not enough room on the card to include all of the characteristics) about each animal.

Dolphin: (blue background with black lettering) You are a great communicator, sensitive and aware of the feelings of others. The dolphin has a keen ability to use sound, water and air (the key to all living things) for the manifestation of its desires. Call on the dolphin to shake things up.

Owl: (yellow background with black lettering) You have the special gift of wisdom. It has been called a cat with wings. The owl has great hearing and vision even in darkness. Owls are discerners of truth. Call upon the owl when you need to discern fact from fiction.

Chipmunk: (orange background with black lettering) You help us to understand the importance of storing, protecting and keeping our most prized possessions, our divine gits and creation out of sight. Chipmunks also help us hear the meaning behind what has been said. Call on the chipmunk for confidence to know that your gifts are camouflaged, protected, and free from harm.

Bear: (beige background with black lettering) You are a survivor, assertive and fully self confident. The bear is the largest of all carnivores, although it is omnivorous. Bears live on their stored fat, cutting their breathing rate in half as needed. Call on the bear when you need to draw upon your inner resources for energy and strength for adversity.

Turtle: (green background with black lettering) You seem slow to act, but you are always in motion, even with all of the pressures you face. The turtle reminds us to keep moving for slowly and surely we will reach our goals. Call on the turtle when life seems too hectic, fast-paced and frenetic that you need grounding.

Leopard: (dark lime background with dark lime lettering) You have an extraordinary gift of awareness. Leopards are smaller than lions and tigers, but more fierce than both. Symbolizes ferocity and valor. Call on leopard when you need extra protection.

Wolf: (slate grey background with dark slate lettering) You have a strong sense of family and community. You have an intuitive sense of social order. The wolf is social and highly intelligent, they live by carefully defined rules and rituals. Call on wolf when you feel lost.

Lion: (dark yellow background with brown lettering) You have a strong presence and dignified manner. The lion symbolizes the sun and gold. Lions are protectors of the pride against predators. Call on lion when you feel stressed or downtrodden.

Raven: (glossy black background with yellow lettering) You always know what to do, and you do it quickly and precisely. You prefer solitude to the company of others. Symbolizes the beginning and the end. The raven stole sunlight from the evil one who would keep the world in darkness. Call on the raven when you need clarity about your mission or task.

Tiger: (light green background with dark green lettering) You are solitary and nocturnal and do your best work at night. You are adventurous and powerful. tigers are excellent swimmers. This gives them ties to all of the energies associated with water. Call on tiger when you need to accomplish something.


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