RFID Animal Guardians Credit Card Proctectors Extra Thick


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Do you use a credit card embedded with a chip? It could be vulnerable to cloning. These RFID Sleeves protect credit and debit cards from identity theft. Makes your credit cards invisible to Hackers! These RFID protector sleeves are extra thick with the wild animal of your choice printed on both sides!

Cloning refers to the illegal and criminal practice of credit card theft where the thief makes a digital copy of the credit card information using a concealed or disguised electronic scanner.

According to experts (and I am one as a Certified Forensic Hacking Investigator), the simplest way to protect yourself is to use an RFID blocking wallet or sleeve. This simply works by blocking the signal from the card. If there is no signal interlopers (criminals) cannot retrieve the unique information on the card and it cannot be cloned.
I am a computer hacking forensic investigator seeking for ways to protect my identity from theft. I decided to create my own sleeves. I selected animal images based upon positive animal totems, re-formatted for printing, and designed them to be imprinted on RFID (radio frequency blocker) protector sleeves.

Keep your credit card, driver’s license or identification cards secure and easily accessible in these protective sleeves. They are extra sturdy! The are made of durable paper with RFID shielding technology to help prevent illegal access to the personal information on embedded RIFD chips. Each card protector holds one credit card or id.


Pull out your card in style
Show off your creativity
Show your affinity for wild life and nature
Gift for your friends, family and peers

LEOPARD: Smaller than lions and tigers, but more fierce than both. Symbolizes ferocity and valor
LION: The symbol of the sun and gold (bring more wealth into your life). The protector of the pride against predators.
RAVEN: Symbolized birth and death. The raven stole sunlight from the evil one who would keep the world in darkness.
TIGER: Unlike other large cats, tigers are excellent swimmers. This gives them ties to all of the energies associated with water.
WOLF: Friendly, social and highly intelligent, they live by carefully defined rules and rituals.

ISO9001 IC Registered
Material: Coated Aluminum foil paper
Size: 88*59mm Vertical
Image: Full color front and full color back

SAFETY AND SECURITY PRIVACY PROTECTION: With advanced RFID blocking technology, don’t worry about the identity theft of your credit card, or driver’s license anymore;
CONSIDERATE DESIGN: Cutout fits traditional credit cards, access cards and driver’s licenses perfectly and conveniently;
PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of resistant material which is durable, tearproof and waterproof;
IMAGE: Select one image among 5 choices: Leopard, Lion, Raven, Tiger, or Wolf
IMAGES: The image selected is imprinted on the front and back of the RDIF credit card protector sleeve


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