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Work from Home Ideas for Moms Seeking Remote Jobs

Search Remotely Work from Home Jobs for Mothers

For many years, the percentage of mothers who chose to stay at home to work was on the decline.  Brookings Institue, for instance estimated that long before the Pandemic, women had steadily increased their participation in the labor force in comparison to men. Why?

What the data show about Stay at Home Moms

Because the skills they possessed were in great demand! As we jump to 2021, data analysts at estimate that should a housewife receive full payment for her childcare responsibilies, she would earn almost $200,000 ($178,201 to be exact) annually!

But back in 2014, before the pandemic Pew Research  found that the decline stabilized. By 2012, for instance, almost 30% of children in America were raised by their mothers who chose to stay at home to rear them.

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Pew researchers determined that about 12.2 million American children were raised by homebound mothers who spent almost 20 hours per week raising their children in comparison to mothers who worked outside of the home. Non-homebound mothers spent about 11 hours, on average, caring for their children.

Traditional decisions mothers have made in the past

At the time, it was reported that stay-at-home mothers spent a large portion of their day completing household chores, sleeping and participating in leisurely activities than their working peers. This figure also included an extra 7 hours each week specifically fulfilling childcare responsibilities.

Especially for two parent households, the burden of childrearing often fell upon the mother. Rand summarizes it this way:

  • Moms may work less hours.
  • Moms may be employed in a less demanding job.
  • Moms may choose to be employed in a job offering more flexibility.
  • Moms may avoid career promotions and advancement.

Unfortunately, the pandemic caused the world to go topsy turvy! The US Census Bureau estimated that as of April 2021 at the apex of COVID-19 about 45% of mothers with children attending school were not actively working or seeking work. The myraid reasoning for the dismal figure is that these mothers were either taking a paid or unpaid leave of absence or they lost their job. 

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Trending decisions mothers make in response to recession

In response to these challenging times resulting from the pandemic, the 2021 Brookings Institute data show that mothers are responding in the following ways:

  • Working mothers are changing industries and jobs much more rapidly than they did before COVID-19.
  • 35% of mothers plan to continue working as they did before the pandemic.
  • 22% of mothers plan to reduce the time they spend working each week.
  • 13% of mothers plan to seek a less demanding job.
  • 15% of mothers want to increase the number of hours worked.
  • 14% of mothers intent to pursue career advancement.

Rising inflation, at a 40 year high according to the Washington Post has driven mothers out of their homes once again to cope with increased prices for fuel, food and necessities. But a few (very many in fact) are electing to work. Not reporting to a traditional in office environment, rather, but to work remotely, working from home or work from anywhere.

Ideas for mothers interested in working from home

Ask any mom and you’ll quickly learn that many of them desire to work at home to be there for their children when they’re needed. But at the same time, they want to help out with the finances and bring in a steady income.

The great news about working from home is that it’s easy for anyone, especially moms, to create a lucrative business with a cost that fits any budget. You can start a business with no money at all.

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That means that even if your finances show a zero balance in your bank account, you can still get started today. Other work-at-home businesses might take a little money for start-up costs, but that depends on what direction you choose to take for your venture.

Options to work for yourself or obtain a remote job

There are basically two categories for moms who want to work from home. You can either work for yourself as an entrepreneur or you can work for others offering a service from home.

You might have read the success stories of other moms and think they got lucky with their idea or the business they created. But luck has nothing to do with it. All successful work-at-home endeavors can be traced back to hard work and perseverance.

Moms work from home as an independent service provider

So what are some services that you can offer others? That depends on what your strengths, skills, and passion are. Are you good with money? Become a financial advisor.

Do you value organization? Do you have color coded cabinets and bins? Do you de-clutter your shoes and manage your wardrobe by seasons and color tone? Do you categorize your books, dvds, and cds using the Dewey Decimal Classification system? Then post a small advertisement in your neighborhood app and rake in the dough.

Were your kids at the top of their k-12 classes because of your tutoring skills and background knowledge in English Language, Science or Math? Sign up as an online tutor.

Skilled with handling taxes? Do taxes for others – develop a niche of handling taxes for Internet Marketers. Are you good at spotting why others are reluctant to make certain moves in their lives? Good at giving advice? Then become a life coach.

Are you ultra creative?  Design a product – t-shirts, mugs (Print on Demand), gift baskets, signs, or eBooks – or go into desktop publishing – create your own greeting cards or business cards in a specialty niche.

Other work-from-home jobs might include working as an event planner. There are so many open doors that you can walk through when you want to work at home. If you have the determination, it can work for you.

Moms can Search for a Remote Job

What if you don’t want to offer services to others but you want to work from home as an employee for a major company or small business. Rather than working as an entrepreneur or starting your own business; you can work from home as a data analyst or public relations specialist; among others. Don’t forget to check our Remote Jobs search panel to search for the most recent jobs to get started.

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Whether you choose to work at home for others in areas like administrative assistant, virtual assistant, or medical billing, or whether you choose to build your own company providing needed services in your neighborhood or running an online marketing business, you’ll be able to create your own schedule and have the ease of being able to work online.

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