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Top 20 Must-Have Skills to Put on Your Resume

must-have skills on resume

Listing skills on a resume sounds like an easy task, but in reality, it’s quite difficult to list the right skills for a particular job. When listing jobs, you need to make sure you’re not missing an important one, but you also don’t want to be that person who’s boring the HR manager with irrelevant information.

The skills you possess are one of the first things hiring managers look for on your resume, so since there are endless skills that you can include, it’s essential to know how to trim them down and only list the ones that will be the most effective in getting you the job.

Employers today are looking for a balance of hard and soft skills, so it’s vital to include some from both categories to catch their attention. Here is a list of 20 must-have skills to put on your resume.

remote skills on resume

Hard Skills

1. Project management

Being familiar with the best practices and software required to oversee a project from beginning to end is a valuable skill to put on a resume. Numerous jobs require project management skills, even if the job itself is not a managing one. The ability to manage your task flow to increase productivity and complete assignments on time is a valued project manager skill.

remote project management

2. Negotiation

For jobs that involve selling a service or a product, negotiation skills are paramount. List this skill if you are capable of establishing partnerships and brokering deals for supplies, for example.

remote negotiation

3. Foreign languages

Being fluent in a second language can easily set you apart from the competition. The more customers you can serve, the more valuable you are to the company, especially if you know a sought-after language such as Spanish, German, Arabic or Chinese.

remote foreign languages

4. Writing and editing

Polished writing skills are valued hard in almost any field. No organization wants incorrect grammar in their press releases or website text, so if you can write clearly and proofread your work, that should go on your resume.

remote writing and editing

5. Product design

Having the skills required to optimize visual appeal and user friendliness is essential in many industries. If you have previous product design experience or a degree in product design, make sure you list the specifics on your CV.

remote product design

6. Research skills

Organizations are looking for candidate who know how to use the right methodologies and research tools, whether for internal data collection or competitor intelligence. Any proficiency with relevant technologies and experience analysing and collecting data should be listed on your resume.

remote research skills

7. Software proficiency

Tech proficiency is valued in most fields today, and it should generally go beyond a baseline knowledge of G Suite apps and Microsoft Word.

remote software proficiency

8. Data privacy

Organizations that deal with proprietary or sensitive client information often prioritize cybersecurity. Specific skills depend on the field and the position.

remote data privacy

9. Data analysis

Business are constantly looking for professionals who can gather and interpret data, and in-demand data analysis skills range from experience working with databases to strong writing skills.

remote data analysis

10. Administrative skills

Administrative tasks are part of most roles, and employers want to know that you have the right skills for organizing your workflow, managing files, planning, and more.

remote administrative skills

Soft Skills

1. Adaptability

Organizations are looking for employees who are open to new processes and technologies and can quickly acclimate to different environments. Whether just starting your career or are a manager adopting new technologies, you’re bound to encounter disruption in your career, so adaptability is a much-needed skill.

remote adaptability

2. Collaboration

How well you work with your team members and across departments in an organization is essential for luxurious success. List some examples from your work history or coursework if you’re a new college grad to showcase that you can work successfully with others.

remote collaboration

3. Attention to detail

Add some work history highlights that exemplify your consciousness and proofread your resume to show prospective employers that you are careful and deliberate in all that you do.

remote attention to detail

4. Decision making

Managers often wants to focus on the bigger picture, so they want to give staff a measure of autonomy. This is why they value potential employees can determine the next steps to take on their own and assess situations quickly instead of asking for guidance continually.

remote decision making

5. Communication

Verbal and presentation skills are important in the workplace no matter the industry. Most employers are looking for candidates who can present to an audience with confidence and message to different audiences.

remote communication

6. Problem-solving

Any job involves challenges and problems, and employers want staff who can come up with creative solutions to challenges being small and resolve conflicts as they arise.

remote problem solving

7. Time management

Time management is an essential skill deep within your resume no matter the industry, because employers want to know that you can meet deadlines and have the discipline to tune out distractions.

remote time management

8. Empathy

The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is an important trait in most workplaces, so showcase that you can understand the emotions of others and engage effectively with co-workers, customers and clients.

remote empathy

9. Critical thinking

Employers are interested in individuals who can come up with improved ways to make progress and solve problems as they arise in the workplace. Try to include some examples on your resume where your critical thinking allows you to make progress and increase productivity.

remote critical thinking

10. Multitasking

Any workplace is busier and more complicated today than it was decades ago. This means that any candidate should have the ability to juggle priorities and projects. A strong resume will demonstrate your ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time and still achieve results as expected.

remote multitasking

So there we have it, these are the must-have skills on resume and when you are trying to represent yourself in the best way possible. If you want to learn a new skill, take a look at these online courses. Once you incorporate all of these must-have skills on your resume, you will be in the best position to get hired remotely.

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