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About Search Remotely

Working from an office is no longer a necessary requirement, working remotely from anywhere is now possible.

Work from home, remote work, distributed teams, telecommuting, coworking and coliving styles of work are now fast becoming the future of work.

Search Remotely is an online platform that enables individuals to be able to work remotely. We do this by listing the latest remote jobs from companies that are hiring, search and apply for thousands of remote jobs throughout our website.

If you need to upskill for these remote jobs, we offer hundreds of online courses to choose from which are led by extremely talented teachers. Additionally we have partnered up with some of the world’s best Universities to offer you degrees that can put you on a career path towards remote work.

Would you like to increase your overall productivity whilst working remotely?

Once you are working remotely, you can book a coworking space in a city near you from our coworking spaces platform and if you want to have a shared experience by living and collaborating with other like-minded remote workers you can do so by booking a coliving space from our coliving space platform.

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