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Bay Area Career Coach

Top 7 Career Coaches in Bay Area

With so much competition these days, it can be challenging to excel in a career. Your only chances are to stay unique and invest in your professional life to go further ahead. That is where career coaches come in, as they can help you take your professional life to the next level.

If you are looking to make a change, then you need to know the best career coaches. Here are the top seven coaches in Bay Area to help you positively transform your professional life.

1. Marty Nemko
2. Reaching Within – Jennifer Bryant
3. The Empowerment Catalyst
4. Resume Chemistry LLC
5. Empowered Minds Life Coaching
6. Eleven Coaching
7. My Dynamic Life LLC

1) Marty Nemko

Marty Nemko
Marty Nemko

Marty Nemko has been a Career Coach and Counselor for the past two decades now. Nemko has enriched the lives of thousands of people till now, both personally and professionally. He is well-known in this field, and he was given the title of the best career coach in Bay Area by The San Francisco Bay Guardian on their cover.

If you want to choose a career path, land a new job, or be your own boss, then Marty Nemko is the person you should contact. He will help you in all aspects of your professional life to be successful in no time.


  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Development, and Evaluation of Innovation: Issued by University of California, Berkeley
  • Career And Personal Coach Since 1985
  • Regular Writer for

Services And Pricing

  • He offers career coaching, resume writing, strategic career planning, and much more
  • The estimated cost starts at $175, but you can contact him for accurate pricing details

2) Reaching Within – Jennifer Bryant

Jennifer Bryant
Jennifer Bryant

Jennifer Bryant is an award-winning Certified Career Coach, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Strategist, and much more. She is also the founder of Reaching Within, An Empowerment Journey. Bryant has more than twenty-five years of experience, which is why she is the perfect person to opt for career coaching and planning.

Bryant has an eight week program that will help you transform your life and execute all your visions. Through her coaching, you will regain your power and work in the career of your dreams. If you are looking to change your life entirely, Jennifer is the person you should go to.


  • ICF Member Badge: Issued in 2021 by International Coaching Federation
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Issued in 2021 by eCornell
  • Key Executive Leadership Program: Issued in 2017 by American University
  • Career Specialist and Life Coach at Reaching Within, An Empowerment Journey

Services And Pricing

  • Jennifer offers career coaching, personal development training, leadership training, and much more
  • You can contact her for pricing

3) The Empowerment Catalyst

Felicia L. Burks
Felicia L. Burks

Felicia L. Burks is the Founder and Leadership Expert at The Empowerment Catalyst, and she is helping people for the past eighteen years. She is a leadership coach, career coach, personal development coach, spiritual coach, and much more.

If you feel stuck in your life and want to make a long-lasting change, you need to get in touch with The Empowerment Catalyst. Her coaching will help you progress, and you will notice a transformational change in your professional life within no time.


  • Certified Coach, Speaker, Leader, and Trainer: Issued by John Maxwell Team
  • Bachelor’s in vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Master’s in management/Healthcare Administration
  • Founder and Coach at The Empowerment Catalyst

Services And Pricing

  • Services offered by Felicia include life coaching, career coaching, decision making, leadership coaching, and much more
  • Pricing depends on the workshop or program you choose, which is why you will have to contact her

4) Resume Chemistry LLC

Lisa Mein
Lisa Mein

Lisa Mein is the Co-Founder and Career Coach at Resume Chemistry. She aims to help you understand what you want out of your career and guide you to achieve it all. From the skills you require to having a fulfilled career, you will learn everything at Resume Chemistry.

If you lack the clarity, courage, and confidence to make the career change you crave, you have to contact her. She is a Senior Career Consultant, Resume Writer, Career Coach, Job Search Specialist, and much more. After the sessions, you will notice a drastic improvement in your professional life, and soon you will have a fulfilling career.


  • Certified Professional Resume Writer: Issued by Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
  • Certified Professional Career Coach: Issued by Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
  • Certified Advanced Resume Writer: Issued by Career Directors International
  • Master’s Degree in Business: Issued by Arizona State University
  • Co-Founder and Senior Career Specialist at Resume Chemistry

Services And Pricing

  • Lisa offers career guidance, resume and cover letter writing, job searching expertise, and much more
  • You can contact for pricing as it varies individually

5) Empowered Minds Life Coaching

Jeff Courtney
Jeff Courtney

Jeff Courtney is a Certified Life Coach and the Founder of Empowered Minds Life Coaching. He aims to help you gain more clarity on what you need to do when it comes to your professional life. Through his help, you will gain a much clear perspective and make the changes you need to have the career of your dreams.

Jeff emphasizes helping his clients create more self-awareness to create fulfilling and lasting changes in their lives. With his sessions, you will unravel your potential and pursue the work that makes you happy. So, if you feel that you are your worst enemy, take career coaching from him and learn to overcome these inner conflicts in no time.


  • Certified Inner Dynamics Practitioner: Issued by iNLP Center
  • Certified Master Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Issued by iNLP Center
  • Certified Life Coach: Issued by iNLP Center
  • CEO and Life Coach at Empowered Minds Life Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Jeff offers career planning, career redirection, career coaching, job searching, and much more
  • Estimated rates start at $100 per session, but you can contact him for pricing

6) Eleven Coaching

Mic Mell
Mic Mell

Mic Mell is the Founder of Eleven Coaching, and he aims to help people in their professional and personal life. He has been coaching people for the past ten years, so he is the top choice to go for career coaching. Eleven Coaching has branches all over the country, which is why you don’t need to worry about where you are from.

Through his strategic career coaching, you will find new opportunities and seize them in no time. If you are looking to make a career change but don’t have the knowledge or courage to do so, then Eleven Coaching will help you out in no time. Mic Mell will help you transform your life in every aspect.


  • Leadership and Communication: Landmark Education
  • General Education: Santa Fe Community College
  • Associates in Music: Broward College
  • Founder and CEO of Eleven Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Mic Mell offers leadership and career coaching to help you uncover your potential and skills
  • Personalized coaching is provided to each individual
  • You will have to contact Eleven Coaching for pricing details

7) My Dynamic Life LLC

Christine Escobar
Christine Escobar

Christine Escobar is the Founder and Coach at My Dynamic Life. She will help you gain back your personal power and take responsibility for your career and professional life. If you want to realize your dreams and you are tired of making excuses, it is time to get in touch with Christine.

She offers a holistic approach to coaching, which is why you can apply what you learn to all aspects of your life. If you seek purpose in your life and want to make changes to your professional life, My Dynamic Life is the ideal choice for you.


  • Bachelor and Master of Metaphysical Science: Issued by University of Sedona
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Science: Issued by University of Sedona
  • Therapist and Coach at My Dynamic Life

Services And Pricing

  • Christine offers Holistic Health Therapy, life coaching, and much more
  • Her estimated rates are $80 per session, but you can contact her for pricing details

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the top seven career coaches in Bay Area. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new career or looking to switch lanes because they will guide you in the best direction. Select a career coach you think is appropriate for your needs and take charge of your professional life now.

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