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FAQ Employers How to Edit a Job

If you are reading this, you have already experienced the joy of posting jobs to and the excitement of obtaining highly qualified candidates to fill your remote job opening.

Now, you may want to make a few tweaks to your job announcement, add a salary amount, change the details of the job description and check the number of applications. Yes, there is a place for you to make these edits.

Here are the  Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Edit a Job. Here are the instructions.

There are several places where you can login as an Employer

Option #1 Go to the top tool bar.  At the very top tool bar you will see ” Employer Login”

Search Remotely Employer Login Screen
Search Remotely Employer Login Screen

Option #2 Go to the “Employer footer.” It is located at the very bottom of the page.

Search Remotely Employer Footer Screen w Account Details
Search Remotely Employer Footer Screen with Account Details

From this location you can Login as an “Employer” so

a) Go to “My Account”

b) Enter your “User Name” or “Email Address”

c) Enter your “Password”

From there you can go back to the “Employer Footer” and see

“My Job Listing Details” You should see all of the job listings you have posted to the platform

Look through your company’s job listing and find the  Job Listing that needs changing. You must select the job listing that you would like change.

*Mark filled
*Duplicate or

Search Remotely Employer Job Listings
Search Remotely Employer Job Listings Screen

After you have selected the Specific Job Listing that you want to change, as you hover over the title you will see the following pop up BELOW the job title

*Mark filled
*Duplicate or

So that you don’t miss it, here is a video recording of the options.


Thanks again for choosing for your remote job listing task orders and requirements.

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