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Charlotte NC Career Coach

Top 7 Career Coaches in Charlotte NC

Changing careers or looking to transform your life is the most challenging thing anyone can do. If you are looking to make this change in your life or seek your purpose, you are in the right place. Career coaches will help you make the changes you need to your life in no time.

Here are the top seven coaches in Charlotte, NC, who will help you execute the life of your dreams.

1. Andy Thomas Career Coaching
2. Chet W. Sisk
3. Sophie Von Laer
4. Life Balanced
5. Massage Marvel/Life Coach
6. Nicolette Dowling
7. Marisol Moran

1) Andy Thomas Career Coaching

Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas is a career expert, and you will see him regularly being featured on NBC TV. He offers individual career coaching to people to take charge of their lives and land the career of their dreams. His process involves targeting the companies you are interested in to ensure you are happy with the results.

Andy specializes in career direction and re-direction, strategic career planning, interview preparation, and much more. Through his sessions, you will reinvent yourself and become perfect for the job you want, so companies have no reason not to hire you. If you are ready to change your life this way, it is time to opt for Andy Thomas Career Coaching.


  • Radio/TV, Broadcasting: Broadcasting Institute of Maryland
  • Author of The Job I Need, Needs Me
  • Career Coach at Andy Thomas Careers Now

Services And Pricing

  • Andy offers career direction and re-direction, individual coaching, resume and cover letter writing, confidence building, and much more
  • You can contact for pricing as all the sessions are personalized

2) Chet W. Sisk

Chet W. Sisk
Chet W. Sisk

Chet W. Sisk has been transforming people’s careers and professional lives for the past twelve years now. He has written a few books on personal and corporate transformation, which will empower you to take charge of your professional and make changes. He calls himself a Futurist, and he aims to help you adapt to your professional life as the world around us changes.

Chet specializes in leadership development, career coaching, personal transformation, and much more. He has applied what he learned from working in an advertising company to volunteering at a homeless shelter. He uses his experience to motivate and inspire other people to work for their dreams.


  • Media Management: Fellow with the Walter Kaitz Foundation
  • Bachelor’s in journalism: Issued by Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
  • Founder of Universal Basic Resources

Services And Pricing

  • Chet offers personal transformation, career coaching, life coaching, and much more
  • His estimated rates are $75 per session, but you should contact him for pricing

3) Sophie Von Laer

Sophie Von Laer
Sophie Von Laer

Sophie Von Laer is a life coach, executive coach, and career coach. She has more than ten years of experience in this field, and she helps people build their careers or land their dream jobs. She can help you with career goal-setting and accountability, career transition coaching, leadership coaching, career excellence, and much more.

Sophie uses neuroscience-based techniques to help you map out the career of your dreams. Her strategies will help you stand out from the rest, and you will finally progress professionally. So, if you want to benefit from any of these things, you should contact her.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience: George Mason University
  • Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering: George Mason University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership: Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Leadership Consultant and Coach at Nafs Coaching and Consulting

Services And Pricing

  • Sophie’s services include career direction and re-direction, career coaching, leadership coaching, progressing in your career, and much more
  • Her estimated rates are $150 per session, but you should contact her for pricing

4) Life Balanced


Chad is a transformation life coach at Life Balanced Coaching. He specializes in productivity, mindfulness, and purpose to help you gain clarity and unravel your potential. His sessions will help you reconnect with your purpose, authentic self, and much more to enjoy the career of your dreams.

Chad has a coaching style that is humble and light-hearted, which is why you will love his sessions from day one. If you seek your purpose and want to make changes accordingly, Chad is the person you should contact. You will become more productive, passionate, and your innovation will enhance.


  • Professional Life Coach Certification: Issued by Transformation Services Inc.
  • Transformation Life Coach: Issued by Transformation Academy
  • Bachelor’s in information technology management: American Military University
  • Master of Management in Strategic Consulting: American Military University
  • Transformation Life Coach at Life Balanced Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Chad offers life and career coaching to individuals
  • His estimated rates are $35 per session, but you can contact him for pricing

5) Massage Marvel/Life Coach

Jimmy Ray Terry Jr.
Jimmy Ray Terry Jr.

Jimmy Ray Terry Jr. is an intuitive life coach who will use his knowledge of esoteric and metaphysics to guide you in your career path. He offers a ninety-day program through which you will find more focus and transformation towards your goals. The first session will be for you to understand what he does, and then you can decide if you want to go forth with his coaching.

He specializes in providing unique career guidance to people to uncover their purpose and their life mission. You can apply what you learn to all aspects of your life to transform each area. Once you do, you will notice a positive change in your overall life.


  • Medical Massage and Energy Work: Universal Body Wellness Massage School
  • Reiki Master
  • Founder and Owner at Massage Marvel

Services And Pricing

  • Jimmy offers massage therapy and life coaching in all areas
  • His estimated rates are $100 per session, but you will have to contact him for pricing

6) Nicolette Dowling

Nicolette Dowling
Nicolette Dowling

Nicolette Dowling is Self-Development Life Coach, Educator, mentor, and Healer. She specializes in leadership development, career coaching, creating self-awareness, and much more. Through her alternative techniques, you will find your passion in life and work towards your purpose.

Nicolette also offers all her sessions online, which means you can benefit from her coaching no matter where you are. She will help you transform all aspects of your life to manifest the career and life you want with ease. If you are looking to awaken your highest self and follow your purpose, all you need is a coaching session from Nicolette Dowling.


  • Life Coaching and ICF Certification: Coach Training Alliance
  • Bachelor of Applied Science: Middle Tennessee State University
  • Master of Criminal Justice: Tennessee State University
  • Certified Life Coach at Dr. J. Dowling Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Nicolette offers life coaching, self-development coaching, energy healing, and much more
  • Her estimated rates are $100 per session, but you can contact her for pricing

7) Marisol Moran

Marisol Moran
Marisol Moran

Finally, we have Marisol Moran, and she is a Certified Professional Life Coach who will help you stay fulfilled in your professional life. Her aim is to help you identify limiting beliefs and other things that hinder you from success. Once these are identified, she will help you transform everything to lead a more positive and fulfilled life.

Through Marisol’s sessions, you will uncover your potential and learn what it is you need to stay successful. Once you have all the tools for success, you will be thriving in your professional and personal life in no time. So, if you are ready to lead the life you have always wanted, you should get in touch with her.


  • Certified Professional Life Coach: International Coach Federation
  • Master of Science in Communications: Syracuse University
  • Founder and Coach at Moran Life & Performance Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Marisol offers a three and six-month program to help you transform your life and career
  • Her estimated rates are $150 per session, but you should contact her for pricing

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the top seven career coaches in Charlotte, NC. All these coaches are qualified and experienced in their respective fields. So, choose one that suits your preferences and budget and transform your life today.

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