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We are an award winning online platform that enables people to work and collaborate from anywhere they want to. Remote work, distributed work, digital nomadism and location independent style of working is rising rapidly and inevitably is the future.

Award winning Boutique Recruitment Firm with Global Reach

Search Remotely Apprenticeship Ambassador for the
US Department of Labor

In addition to its online remote educational academy, we are certified to provide targeted community service to rural and inner city populations to raise the awareness of remote job opportunities.

We are a division of Shared Knowledge LLC. In June 2022, the company was recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration as an Apprenticeship Ambassador.

As an Apprenticeship Ambassador wey will use its platform to increase access and support for underrepresented and underserved populations in Registered Apprenticeship including women, youth, people of color, rural communities, justice-involved individuals, and people with disabilities.

As a community service, we will do our part to increase the awareness of rural and inner city job applicants on the endless possibilities of telecommuting through training and workshops.

The first Apprenticeship Ambassador training program will begin this fall 2022. is a division of Shared Knowledge LLC

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Search Remotely Remote Services Team

Tonya J Mead, CEO Search Remotely Photo
Tonya J Mead, CEO Search Remotely Photo

Tonya Mead, MBA, MA, PhD is the CEO of Search Remotely. She is the curriculm developer, designer and trainer of online and in-person courses to train job seekers and top level talent on becoming a remote worker. As she provides a forum for international remote job seekers from across the globe, she endeavors to introduce rural and inner city residents on the nuisances of the working world through training, workshops, classes and one-on-one orientation sessions to meet their individualized needs. 

Muhammad Aslam, Remote Work Freelancer and Android Application Developer. He is improving a remote job task app that remote jobseekers can download and test for us.  The purpose of the app is to help job seekers in search of remote work stay focused on the tasks needed to secure the remote job of their dreams.

Clemence Houngbadji, Remote Work Trainee and Freelancer. Clemence contacted us in need of an upgrade on her digital skills and assistance with her remote job search. While affiliated with us for just two months, she helped us expand our digitial and social media footprint. As a result, she was able to secure a permanent position in the human resources field.

Lisa Walker, Remote Journalist and Blogger. Lisa has helped us write many of our articles that have ranked within the top ten Google pages related to remote work and work from home. Her assistance is truly vital to the continued growth and global expansion of Search Remotely.

Search Remotely Remote Services Schematic Diagram

We also offer a variety of online courses that can help train individuals with the necessary skills required to become a remote worker.

Employers have the opportunity to tap into our existing community of remote workers and start hiring internationally. Our in-house recruitment team sources, interviews candidates and we provide you with the best remote workers for any permanent and contractor roles you are hiring for.

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