Success Career Life Coaching



Success Career Life Coaching – $149

  1. Goal setting– Help you set and clarify the goals that are right for you.
  2. Identifying your strengths and weakness– Help you identify what’s holding you back from achieving those goals.
  3. Identifying opportunities and constraints– Help you to identify where opportunities that exist in the marketplace, business, relationships) and discern threats.
  4. Creating an action plan– Help you create a plan of action to get through what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential.
  5. Expressing your unique gifts– Help you create a communications plan to make the most of your unique skills, talents and interests to get to help you communicate to key stakeholders where you want to be (or to get you what you want- long term relationship, improved relationship, job, or business venture).
  6. Responding appropriately to set backs– Help you respond appropriately to deal with setbacks, rejection and challenges so they do not thwart your overall personal and professional goals.
  7. Mapping a strategy- Help you to map out a strategy for realizing your full potential- Map out a 1-3 year plan to help you get even closer to your divine destiny and/or to maintain what you have.


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