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Minneapolis Career Coach

5 Top Minneapolis Career Coaches

If you are looking for a career change but don’t know how to make that change happen, you are not alone. When it’s time for a change, it could feel overwhelming and fearful. A career coach can help you make that change as smooth as possible by following their simple process and attending online or in-person meetings on a regular basis.

If you live in Minneapolis and need a career coach, here are the top five to consider.

1. Mai Rose
2. Freda Marver
3. Gracie Miller
4. Adrian Klaphaak
5. Beard Avenue

#1. Mai Rose

Mai Rose
Mai Rose

Not only is Mai an experienced writer and a speaker, but she also loves helping others to reach their goals in life and in career. If you are new to the career field or you are preparing for college but are not sure what direction to go, you will want to speak to Mai first before you take a step forward.

Using the skills that Mai possesses and the plan she has to help you throughout your journey, you will be able to find a career that not only pays good, but it will also be satisfying as well.


  • Bachelor of individualized study – sociology, communications, and urban studies
  • Drake University – Theatre and English


  • Public speaking
  • Career development coach
  • Life coach
  • Leadership development


Prices are determined after the initial consultation. Once Mai has a better understanding of what you are searching for, she will know how to best help and direct you.

#2. Freda Marver

Freda Marver
Freda Marver

Freda believes that it’s not the job of a coach to tell you what to do but it is their job to assist you in discovering it yourself through different means. Sometimes through everyday happenings, your own inner voice is drowned out by the voices of those who are telling you what you need to do. This is not living the life you want and need; it’s just living.

Is a coach tough on their clients? Some are capable of that but prefer to take a gentle approach when coaching someone in their choices. If you are ready to succeed, take your career to a new level, or change the path you are currently on, Freda can be there with you on your journey.


  • Professional Coach Certification through The Coaches Training Institute
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology
  • Advanced graduate study in career development, counseling psychology, change leadership, and human resources
  • Qualified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator


  • Executive Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Corporate Coaching


Four Month Package

With the four-month package, you will receive:

  • 8 90-minute coaching sessions
  • Materials
  • Resources
  • Assessments

Total Cost: $2,950

To get started with Freda, you will need to schedule your introductory coaching session. This introductory coaching session costs $195.

#3. Gracie Miller

Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller

Gracie knows how hard it is to find the job that you can work and enjoy doing it every day. She spent her career life trying to figure out what best worked for her. Whether it was landscaping or being a landlord for a non-profit management company, she was just not able to find what made her feel complete and satisfied with how she was making money.

She eventually learned the right way to search for the career she needed and wanted and now she wants to help as many people as she can find their career. When you enjoy going to work every day, it’s not just a job anymore.

With Gracie’s method, you will first learn how to identify and break through whatever is stopping you from staying on your path. You will also need to determine what you want to do before you begin your journey so you will have a clear picture of your goal.

You want to have more time to do things that you actually want to do instead of stressing over things that you don’t want to do. You need Gracie’s support through this process. She won’t judge, she won’t make you feel bad about yourself. She will lift you up and give you confidence.


  • The Meta Institute – Hypnotherapy
  • Minneapolis Institute and Technical College – Advanced Motivational Interviewing
  • Life Purpose – Career Coaching


  • Build your own business
  • Hire Gracie for speaking events
  • Find clarity in one month
  • Akashic Readings
  • Career guidance


Gracie divides all sessions into ten simple but life changing sessions.

  • Sessions 1-3: help you to go deep into the first part of your decision to live a better life. Find out what makes you feel more alive and what you consider to be your strongest points. Then apply that to the work you do now.
  • Sessions 4-5: During these sessions, you now know what you want and how valuable you are as a person and as an employee. Now you are going to bust through all your roadblocks in life.
  • Sessions 6-7: Determine what your options are, and which ones are the best for you.
  • Sessions 8-10: It’s time to put your plan into play. You are the master of your own plan. You know what you want, and you don’t have to stress about it anymore. It’s time to be ruler of your new life.

Total Cost of these ten sessions: $1750

#4. Adrian Klaphaak

Adrian Klaphaak
Adrian Klaphaak

The goal Adrian has to simple – to help people find the career that they are best suited for. When you do something you like, you smile more, you enjoy your day, you give others positive energy. Adrian’s specialty is to find the path that you belong on and stay on it to reach your goals.

You are not just getting the basic career coaching with Adrian. You are discovering the unique gift that you possess and that you can use to create a new ovation. What is path finding? It is bringing together the work you already do or are wanting to do with the person you are.

The result of a path found is a career that you will love to do and will succeed in because you can be proud of your accomplishments.


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC


  • Career coaching
  • Career pathfinding
  • Life coaching



This package includes –

  • Three sessions per month each lasting 50-60 minutes via video or phone
  • Full access to The Career Pathfinder Online Course
  • Customized activities that you will need to complete between your sessions
  • Email support
  • Nonrefundable
  • Cancel anytime

#5. Beard Avenue

Beard Avenue
Beard Avenue

Beard has been fascinated with how people do what they do and think what they think. Today, that has led him to the career he has today. Being happy at work is important and Beard understands just how important it is. That’s why he came up with a method that would help clients who are not happy with their current job to find out what would make the happy, set their goals, and make their dream career happen.

Beard is passionate about helping others be as happy as he is in his Career. If you are ready to get started but don’t know where exactly to start, Beard can get you started on the right path. Taking one step at a time is not as overwhelming and is a simple process that works.


  • Ph.D., M.A. American Studies from University of Minnesota
  • Bachelor of Arts from University of Rochester


  • Trainer
  • Job search
  • Job interview
  • Career coach
  • Leadership and Executive
  • Organizational Facilitator


  • $195.00 per hour

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