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Austin Career Coach

Top 7 Career Coaches in Austin

Austin is a fantastic city with competitive businesses. Many people find it challenging to accomplish their objectives because of the competition. That is why it is a necessity to hire a career coach if you live in Austin.

They have all the tools that you will require to advance your career. Here are the top seven coaches in Austin who can help you.

1. Career Zen
2. Career Creators Consulting – Amber Ballinas
3. True North Coaching and Development
4. Career Branding Experts
5. Mea Crescendo
6. First Job Austin
7. PathUp Career Coaching

1) Career Zen

Dr. Lynn Chang
Dr. Lynn Chang

Dr. Lynn Chang, the founder of Career Zen, is an exceptional career counselor. She has worked for a university in Austin for thirteen years and guided students to find their path in life. Since she was good at her job, she decided to make a life out of coaching.

Whether you are of age 14 or 80, Career Zen will help you navigate your professional choices. Lynn aims to help her clients by taking a more holistic approach. She wants to ensure that her clients are enjoying their career choices instead of dreading going to work.

Choosing a suitable career can be a tough choice. But hiring Lynn can help you make a transition in your career smoothly and easily. Besides that, she also helps you with job search and writing your resumes.


  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology: Colorado State University
  • BA in Psychology: University of Texas, Austin

Services And Pricing

  • The Complete Career Package costs $925, which includes five hours of meetings, three follow-up calls, and online material
  • She offers other individual services as well for career transitions, discovering your goals, and much more

2) Career Creators Consulting – Amber Ballinas

Amber Ballinas
Amber Ballinas

Amber Ballinas is a partner at Career Creators Consulting since 2001. She also consults businesses and serves as a career coach. She has vast experience in helping people make wise decisions about their professional lives.

She guides her clients in defining their long-term career objectives. After doing that, Amber will devise a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals. Her approach is to guide you step-by-step so that you can grow and become a better person.

So, if you’re aiming for a leadership position in your company, she is your go-to person. Amber will personally invest in your progress and commit to helping you achieve the desired results.


  • BBA in Business Management: University of Texas, Austin
  • MBA in International Business Management: University of St. Thomas

Services And Pricing

  • The A la Carte sessions cost $300 and are held over video or audio calls
  • One hour power coaching session costs $175
  • There are many other packages as well to satisfy your needs

3) True North Coaching and Development

Shelley Pernot
Shelley Pernot

The founder of this coaching is Shelley Pernot, who has been in the industry for the past six years. She is well-known in Austin for guiding people through career transitions. Her aim is to navigate your dreams with you and set up a plan for smooth change.

Shelley will create a safe space for you and will challenge you to help you reach new potentials. Whether you feel stuck in one phase or want to try a new career, Shelley should be your top choice. Her approach is not only fun but also effective and makes transitions easy.

If you can’t choose whether she is the right fit, you can contact her for a free 30-minute consultation. She is very friendly and will answer all your queries.


  • Holds a Master and bachelor’s from the University of Texas, Austin
  • Has an MBA from Erasmus Rotterdam School

Services And Pricing

  • The career coaching package includes ten sessions of fifty minutes and costs $2895
  • Leadership coaching package of ten sessions costs $3295
  • She also offers an executive package for senior leaders who want to pick up new skills. For rates, you will have to contact Shelley

4) Career Branding Experts

Scott Kukowski
Scott Kukowski

Are you serious about making a career change and seeking a job? If so, then Career Branding Experts is the best fit for you. The company is led by Scott Kukowski, who has experience of more than ten years in coaching.

He has helped more than a thousand people with his coaching expertise. His specialty is guiding people through job interviews and picking the right career. Scott is well-known for being an expert at IT career coaching.

Besides that, he has vast knowledge about other business sectors as well. He is an all-rounder who does not get fazed by any challenge. That is why you will benefit from his services a lot.


  • BBA in Finance and Management: University of Phoenix
  • Licensed Professional in Career Management

Services And Pricing

  • He offers a resume training session to advise you on creating a shining resume
  • The interviewing sessions are built to improve your confidence to help you land the job
  • The career identification meetings are for those who don’t know which sector they want to work in
  • Rates start at $180 and can vary depending on the package
  • All sessions are held through video conferences

5) Mea Crescendo

Alice Mar Rocher
Alice Mar Rocher

Alice Mar Rocher, the founder of Mea Crescendo, is a well-known career coach in Austin. She believes that each individual has the potential to become a leader. That is why she started her coaching program to help people achieve new career heights.

She has divided her plan into different phases. In the first phase, she will learn more about you and examine your mindset through some exercises. The aim is to uncover your goals and eliminate lousy work habits.

In the next phase, she will focus on your strengths and teach strategies to reach your objectives. Lastly, she’ll support you through queries and confusion that come up in your mind. Her plan is effective and has helped many people.


  • Master’s Degree in Leadership Development: University of Texas
  • Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP
  • ICF certified coach

Services And Planning

  • She offers a 6-month program of 12 sessions which cost $4799 if paid total or monthly payments of $1000
  • The Breakthrough Session consists of 8 hours over two days. It costs $2500

6) First Job Austin

Samantha Stevens
Samantha Stevens

As the name suggests, coaching is for people who are beginning to step into the career world. It is led by Samantha Stevens, who has helped more than 600 graduates to get jobs for the first time. Besides that, she also helps those who want to re-enter the business world after taking a sabbatical.

The desire to help graduates is what led Samantha to start her coaching. She has been through the same struggles as well. That is why she is the best person to guide beginners.

She constantly empowers and encourages her clients, which is the type of support that new graduates look for. Her aim is to identify the career you can excel in and work towards achieving a job in that sector.


  • BS in Retail Marketing: University of Maryland

Services And Pricing

  • Provides phone and in-person sessions to work on your resumes, cover letters, and interview training
  • The rates are $150 per hour

7) PathUp Career Coaching

Teresa Lee
Teresa Lee

Teresa Lee is the founder and lead coach of PathUp. She strives to help people find their career purpose and the work they love. Not only does she help regular people, but she also provides job resources to homeless and low-income individuals for free.

She firmly believes that everyone deserves to fulfill their career dreams. Her approach is simple yet effective. The first step is to discover your strengths and passions. Then she tries to understand your needs through questions and exercises.

Once you decide on a career, she will formulate a plan to proceed with. Teresa is organized and quite good at her job.


  • Graduated from UC Berkeley

Services And Pricing

  • The Career Fulfilment Program includes three sessions to identify your suitable career.
  • The Job Search Program is tailored to help you get your dream job and lasts for three meetings
  • Both programs cost $799 each

Final Words

That was everything you will require on the top seven career coaches in Austin. All of them are experts at their jobs and will satisfy your requirements. If you want to benefit from their skills, you should give them a call.

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