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Remote Recruitment the Easy Way – How To Guide

remote recruitment

Remote Recruitment – here’s a new and easy way to find the best talent, without wasting time and resources. We will screen, interview and debrief remote workers looking for your job, then pass the best candidates directly to you.

For a small, one-time fee you can post a job or you can opt to pay a monthly subscription to post an unlimited number of job vacancies each month.  We also offes the option to us our recruitment service where you will pay a small starter fee ($10.00) and a small percentage as a recruitment fee when you actually hire.

We are the world’s leading recruitment platform exclusively for remote workers. Reach over 250,000 remote job seekers and post unlimited jobs for free. Find the talent you need, without going around in circles.

This article explains how it works and how to get started.

If you are looking to hire a world-class remote team now, get started here.


Easy Remote Recruitment Guide

The advantages of remote working are well known. Countless studies show how remote workers are more motivated and productive. Hiring a distributed staff gives you access to a wider talent pool and means lower employee salaries, plus lower overall business costs. You increase employee retention, extend your hours or operation, and go greener.

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But there’s a problem. Remote recruitment is completely different to traditional recruitment. Where do you start when you can hire from anywhere? How do you screen talent when there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of applicants? The best possible employee is from a different country, so how can you employ her?

All these variables are to your advantage. You just need exposure to remote job seekers and a recruitment model that does all the work for you.

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Traditional Recruitment

Traditional job sites offer job listings. You post your job, hope to reach good candidates, then screen and interview job seekers. A good job site helps you reach thousands of great candidates, all around the world. The more people you reach the more opportunity you have of finding great talent. So you can boost a post by paying for promotion, or list the job on multiple job sites.

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Soon you have thousands of applications for one job, from people based all over the world. Access to a wider talent pool means access to more varied skills, expectations and experiences. All the candidates are very different so shortlisting is more challenging than usual. There’s a difference between a great remote worker and a great office worker. So from these thousands of applications you need to shortlist.

  • Candidates who meet the job specifications
  • Candidates who have remote working experience
  • Candidates who fit your remote team culture and values
  • Outstanding candidates who can bring something new to your business

The typical alternative to this process is hiring a recruitment consultant or recruitment agency. Agencies charge a fee for placing candidates. Consultants and agencies are specialists in specific job roles. For example, an agency that specialises in healthcare recruitment or web development.

Agencies may specialise job roles but none make a differentiation between office-based roles and remote jobs, so they only cover half the job requirements. Every business with a distributed team realises the importance of hiring remote workers who fit the job spec and the remote working culture.

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A Remote Recruitment Agency

Most job sites have a filter so job seekers to pinpoint remote jobs. All the jobs on our site are remote. It’s the trusted jobs source for a growing community of over 250,000 remote job seekers. With  us you can post a job and recruit using traditional methods, shortlisting and interviewing the best candidates.

To do this read our how to guide for expert tips on how to recruit remote workers.

We are also a recruitment agency specifically for remote jobs. Instead of specialising in job roles, we specialise in optimised recruitment for remote roles. You are best placed to understand the specifics of a job role and what you demand from candidates. We use our industry knowledge to ensure great candidates are remote work ready.

Unlike many recruitment agencies there are no upfront costs. Here is how it works.

human resources

1. Post a job for a set fee

You can post unlimited jobs for a set fee for one month  on this website. We can assist you in developing the best job posting for remote workers. It’s important to define your offer and provide more information than for office-based roles. If your recruitment needs are not based on volume, we also offer different fee ranges for one time postings per month.

Define in detail what you need and fine tune the job specifications. You’re reaching a wider talent pool so you can ask for very specific requirements.

Focus on essential remote skills as these are front and central to what you need. Every good candidate needs the ability to work independently, with excellent communication, collaboration and organisational skills.

Describe your way of remote working, so candidates can better decide if the job is right for them. Showcasing your remote culture helps candidates see if they will fit in.

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2. Access and source talent

Reach over 250,000 talented remote job seekers with each post. We will promote job posts via email job alerts and on social. We also access niche Facebook groups to advertise jobs and will even do paid promotion on some job posts.

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We are a trusted source for jobs because all our listed jobs are remote jobs. While other job sites can reach more people, they are not specific to remote work. Remote workers don’t need to filter by location and job alerts are always relevant to them.

You don’t need to do anything to access all this talent. We will do all the sourcing for you.

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3. Screening and shortlisting made easy

With a free job posting we will also screen and shortlist the best candidates for your consideration. As remote work experts we know how to identify genuine remote workers and people applying simply because they like the idea of working from anywhere.

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We use objective methods to screen candidates and will implement multiple screening phases until you have a manageable shortlist. We’ll also share our methods and working with you, to make sure you’re happy with the process. Screening and shortlisting is incredibly time consuming, especially if you have not recruited a remote staff or remote teams before. We do it for free.

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4. Interviewing made easy

Our guarantee is that you will have access to many high quality, highly targeted remote job seekers, the people with the best skills for your remote job. If you’re happy with our shortlist you can conduct interviews. Check out our guide on how to interview for remote jobs.

Our in-house team will also interview candidates. This enables us to whittle down a shortlist to only the very best candidates. We interview based on the job specs and all the important remote skills.

Finding a job is stressful and time consuming. We also debrief all candidates after their interview, to help them understand why they were not selected and where they can improve for future interviews.

After screening, shortlisting and interviewing, we can deliver the very talent to your HR team or management for consideration.

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5. Recruit

You perform the final interviewing and make the decisions. It’s our job to deliver the best talent. And if you don’t find a great employee we’ll repeat steps two, three and four.

We charge a recruitment fee.

  • 15% of the total annual salary for permanent roles, paid as a one-off fee
  • 2% of monthly contractor renumeration for contract roles, paid as a monthly fee

Of course, after recruiting there will be a probation period, where you ensure the candidate is best suited for the role. We offer a 90-day warranty period. If the candidate fails their probation or quits during the first 90 days we will find a replacement at no cost to you.

Get started now, recruit the very best remote talent.

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How to Employ Remote Workers

Now you have a great candidate how do you make a contract of employment? This is a simple HR task for most businesses. But when recruiting a distributed staff or remote independent contractor you will often recruit employees who live in foreign countries.

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There are two different options and it’s important to understand the differences. Experienced remote workers also have their preferred employment terms. As a recruiter it’s good to either remain flexible to this, or be clear about employment terms from the outset. If this is new to you then speak to our expert in-house team and learn more about employing remote workers.

global team

1. Hiring a direct employee

Direct hiring is the more traditional option, utilised for almost all non remote jobs. For every direct employee you must comply with all the local labour and tax laws. The employee goes onto the payroll and you will make tax and insurance contributions.

You have a contract of employment, detailing salary, bonuses, term and managing performance. But every country has different laws, especially concerning minimum wage and vacation days.

So this is where it can become complicated. It makes sense for all direct employees to be paid and employed in the country where you are based. For example, all employees work in your office so they are employed in the country where your office is based.

But when hiring remote staff your direct employees will be based in the country they are from. You will need to establish a foreign entity in the country the employee is based. This helps you get ahead of any issues with local labour laws and taxation challenges between countries.

If you’re planning to hire a lot of people from one country then this is recommended. But it can be a lot of work for just one employee. Some countries are more complicated to set up than others. But while this approach can initially be time consuming it is very scalable for permanent roles.

Our recruitment fee for permanent roles is a one-off fee of 15% of the total annual salary. There are no recurring fees.

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2. Hiring an employee as a contractor

The easier option is to hire someone as a contractor. The employee is registered in their home country and takes care of their own taxes and administration. They provide a monthly invoice for their work and you can still have a work contract.

Working as a contractor gives many remote workers a tax advantage. It is something most experienced remote workers are familiar with, especially if they have ever worked on a freelance basis.

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However, not all employees are open to working as a contractor. If they are direct employees they deserve to be treated as such, especially employee rights around redundancy. In reality, contractors can still have all these benefits as part of a contract between the employer and employee.

This contracting option is fast and easy to set up. However, when you’re making multiple hires in the same country there can be tax and other benefits to establishing a local entity.

Our recruitment fee for contract roles is 2% of the total renumeration paid as a monthly fee each month.

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Try Us For Free

Recruitment is the most important element of all great businesses. You need to find the right people to take your business forward. There are different ways to recruit remote workers. We represent just one of these. It’s free to use. You only pay when you recruit successfully.

We are the only recruitment agency specifically for remote workers and we leverage a vast network of active remote job seekers. Try it for free and we won’t ask anything of your time, until we have sourced, vetted, interviewed and shortlisted a small number of outstanding candidates.

Try Search Remotely for free and start hiring a world class remote team.

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