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Denver Career Coach

Top 7 Career Coaches in Denver

There are times when we all need help, be it any area of our life. Some people need help with relationships and personal life, while others need help with their careers. If you are in the latter category, you are in the right place.

Here are the top seven career coaches in Denver who will help you elevate to the next life in your career in no time.

1. Wasim the Dream LLC
2. Allan Smith Coaching
3. Cameron Associates HR Consultant & Career Coach
4. EG Results
5. Answered Potential LLC – Greg Hamalian
6. Golden Opportunities Coaching
7. Bee Defined Consulting

#1. Wasim the Dream LLC

Wasim Hajjiri
Wasim Hajjiri

Wasim Hajjiri is an Executive Career Coach who was also published in Forbes. He is also a best-selling author, and now he is helping people fulfill their dreams by providing them with career guidance. If you are not getting a response from recruiters, your interviews are not going well, or the interviews don’t lead anywhere, he is the person to contact.

Wasim has a four-step process that will help you get an offer in six to eight weeks. It is a guarantee from him, and soon you will get the offer you have always wanted.


  • Business Mastery Certification: Issued in 2017 by Tony Robbins Mastery University
  • Life Coaching: Issued in 2018 by Proctor Gallagher Institute
  • International Job and Career Transition Coach: Issued in 2019 by Forbes Coach Council
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering: Princess Sumaya University for Technology
  • Master of Business Administration: University of California, San Diego

Services And Pricing

  • He offers a four-step process to help you land your dream job
  • Offers resume writing and full career coaching
  • Estimated rates start at $100 per session

#2. Allan Smith Coaching

Allan Smith
Allan Smith

Allan Smith will help you transform the way you look at jobs and careers by helping you through each step of the process. He will help you keep your resume fresh, perfect your interview skills, and teach you how to conduct a targeted search through networking. Once he is done, you will be in a much better position to land your dream job.

Apart from career coaching, you can also opt for resume writing. Allan can write a customized resume for you that will help you target any markets you like. The best part is you get a thirty-minute coaching session to help you understand what you need to do.


  • Career Management Professional Practitioner: Institute of Career Certification International
  • Master of Organizational Behavior: Washington University in St. Louis
  • Director at Allan Smith Coaching and Consulting
  • Charter Member at Coach Consultants Consortium

Services And Pricing

  • Offers interview coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, and much more
  • Offers goal-setting workshops, leadership assessment and development, and vision workshops
  • The estimated cost starts at $100 per session

#3. Cameron Associates HR Consultant & Career Coach

Linda Cameron
Linda Cameron

Linda Cameron runs Cameron Associates, and she has experience of more than twenty years as a career coach. If you don’t know how to transition from one job to the next, or you need to devise a strategy to land your dream job, then that is where Linda’s expertise lies. She will help you map out your career and prepare for transforming your work life.

Linda will work with you to help you obtain the skills you need to excel. Her coaching is flexible, and her personality is magnetic, which is why you will love to be coached by her.


  • Career Coaching: Issued in 2005 by Work-Life International
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration: Issued in 1988 by Southwestern University
  • Member of Society of Human Resource Management since 2019

Services And Pricing

  • Linda offers preparation of CV, resume, or cover letter
  • She will help you develop a perfect thirty-second elevator pitch
  • She will help you prepare for career development, transition, and much more
  • Her estimated rates start at $80, but they differ depending on what you need

#4. EG Results

Ellen Guggenheim
Ellen Guggenheim

Ellen Guggenheim is a Growth Coach Strategist, and she has more than fifteen years of experience in this field. She has helped many people achieve professional growth in a short span. From individuals to companies, EG Results has helped in many areas of business and professional growth.

Ellen’s expertise lies in executive coaching, strategic planning, leadership coaching, and much more. Here is everything you need to know about her service.


  • BA in Economics: Issued in 1988 by the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Master of Business Administration: Issued in 2002 by Case Western Reserve University
  • Growth Coach Strategist at EG Results, LLC

Services and Pricing

  • Ellen will help you clarify your talents, values, skills, and needs
  • She will revise your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn
  • She will help you pursue defined career growth opportunities and much more 
  • You will have to contact her for pricing

#5. Answered Potential LLC – Greg Hamalian

Gregory Hamalian
Gregory Hamalian

Gregory Hamalian is the founder and owner of Answered Potential LLC since this year. He aims to empower people to reach their highest potential when it comes to their careers. Greg was working in a corporate job, but he left all of it to coach other people.

If you are starting in your career and looking for some guidance, don’t forget to contact him. Here is everything you need to know about him.


  • B.S in Mathematics: Issued by Bridgewater State University in 2017
  • Owner and Founder at Answered Potential LLC

Services And Pricing

  • Help you grow in areas such as communication, strategizing, negotiating, and much more
  • Guide you to start a new career in no time
  • Sixty minutes coaching starts at $150

#6. Golden Opportunities Coaching

Scott Golden
Scott Golden

Scott Golden is the brain behind Golden Opportunities Coaching, and he has devised a flap method for professional success. The method stands for focus, language, action, and plan. The method is devised to help you find the root cause of any difficulty and overcome it in no time.

The flap method will help you overcome any challenges in your career so you can be on the way to success. With his help, you will learn to challenge all your limiting beliefs and advance in your career in no time. Scott will be a partner in your success.


  • Strategic Intervention Certification: Issued in 2015 By Robbins Madanes Training
  • Certified Strategic Interventionist, Intuitive Business Advisor, and Spiritual Life Coach at Golden Opportunities Coaching
  • Radio Show Host at Perception Radio Network

Services And Pricing

  • Scott offers the flap method to help you advance in your career or start a new one
  • Discover the root cause of your professional challenges and overcome them
  • His estimated cost starts at $75, but you can contact him for pricing details

#7. Bee Defined Consulting

Beena Punatar
Beena Punatar

Finally, we have Bee Defined Consulting, which Beena Punatar runs. She has helped many professional individuals for over seventeen years now, which is why results are guaranteed. She offers resume writing, career coaching, interview prep, and much more.

Beena will work with you to help you with growth planning and targeted coaching. After her sessions, you will be in an excellent position to benefit from the job of your dreams in no time.


  • Six Sigma Green Belt: Issued by Management and Strategy Institute
  • Bachelor of Science in Personal Financial Management: Issued by The Ohio State University
  • Master of Business Administration: Issued by University of Phoenix
  • CEO and Founder at Bee Defined Consulting

Services And Pricing

  • Beena offers growth planning, professional branding and marketing, targeted coaching, and much more
  • She helps people making career changes or ones just starting their career
  • Her estimated cost start at $200, but you can contact her for pricing

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the top seven career coaches in Denver. All of these coaches are highly experienced and have helped many people taste success in their careers. If you also want to benefit from it, then you should contact them now.

With their guidance and coaching, you will see a positive change in your work life in no time. So, choose the one that suits your budget and start your career coaching sessions now.

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