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Johnny FD: Day In The Life of A Remote Worker

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Moving on to our second part of the day in the life of a remote worker interview series and we have someone who is a true leader in the digital nomad space. Johnny FD, an entrepreneur, muay thai fighter and master dropshipper.

Johnny FD is one of the pioneering digital nomads, he travels all around the world whilst making an income. Currently he is running the Travel Like A Boss podcast website.

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Tell me about yourself and what it is that you do?

Growing up in California I moved to Thailand in 2008 after reading the 4-hourworkweek. I started in Scuba diving as a Divemaster then Muay Thai Kickboxing. But since 2013 I have been working online, developing various forms of semi-passive income from Kindle Publishing on Amazon, Courses on Udemy, Dropshipping on Shopify, and various other projects.

When did you start working remotely as a digital nomad and how did that come about?

My first stream of online income came in 2013 when I wrote my first book, 12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap. I had literally googled the words “How to make money online” and one of the articles pointed to turning your blog articles into an ebook. It made me $600 the first month and on average $100-$200 a month since then.

What would go down as the biggest achievement so far and what makes you so proud of this?

I’ve been able to retire my parents a few years ago now so they can stop working. I’ve been sending them $1,000 a month to help with their expenses and pay their property tax each year as well as other big items so they can enjoy their 70’s.

Do you have any favourite cafes, places or coworking spaces that you like to work remotely from when not at home and why are these your favourite?

I love coworking spaces, but really try to find ones that are set up to be productive nd don’t just look good in photos. I also enjoy coworking from random coffee shops, but usually just for 1-3 hours at a time.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

I’ve been learning how to handstand in my free time, and have been improving my video editing skills.

What does a typical workday look like for you and how do you manage your time and schedule effectively?

I work a normal 8-4 schedule, monday – friday even though I don’t need to. It just works for me. I’ll work 3 hours in the morning, take a break, work a few more, then go to the gym. On weekends I make it a point to get out into nature, and take Sundays completely computer and social media free. Here’s a video of my daily life while under quarantine that shows my routine: 

Do you have any recommendations for software or tools which are invaluable to you as a digital nomad and how do they help you to stay productive?

I really like screen timer adds like Time Out for Mac or Workrave for PC. I have them set to force me to take breaks every 30 minutes by locking my screen for a minute.

If you could give one bit of advice to anybody out there that is dreaming about working remotely what would that be?

Follow what successful digital nomads did when they first got started, not what they are doing now. Go back in the archives of people’s blogs and replicate what they did when they were in your shoes or just starting, or read the books they published during that time. For my example, read starting in 2013 to get the most from it, or read Life Changes Quick. Not the future books I’ll put out once I’ve already become a millionaire as it’s hard to learn from someone that far ahead, and it’s also hard for someone who’s already made it to remember the struggles.

I would like to end it on that note and say a big thanks to Johnny FD for participating in this interview, it has been super interesting. For anyone that wants to check out Johnny FD, head on over to his website Johnny FD.

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