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Remote Job Seeker Courses

Are you looking for job seeker supports. Here are our suggested steps:

    1. Read our How to Work Remotely Guide (yes it is free!)
    2. Read and follow the suggestions in our Job Search Tool Guide, available here, yes it is free too!
    3. Take a workplace personality assessment, yes its also a free resource.
    4. Join the FaceBook Group. Post your skills, qualifications, and interests. Ask the members to provide referrals and//or advice.
    5. Sign up for the free Remote Job Alerts so that you will be alerted to the most up-to-date remote job postings to this site in real time.
    6. Sign up for FlexJobs subscription service (caution IT IS NOT FREE)!
    7. Go to our Remote Jobs search page and begin applying remote jobs.
    8. If you are not getting the feedback for which you had hoped, click the suggested resources below for online courses to help you write a better resume, prepare for potential interview questions, and excel during an interview.
    9. Contact us, for targeted assistance.
    10. Remote Job Seeker Online Courses Links
      Job Interview and Resume Guide
      Interviewing Skills to Ace the Job Interview
      Progamming and Coding Interviews
      The Essential Job Interview
      Interview Better than Anyone
      Resume writing and Linkedin Profile Optimization
      Build the Best Linkedin Profile and Resume
      Step by Step Resume Writing Guide
    11. If you still are not getting the success you crave, contact us, for targeted assistance.

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