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NJ Career Coach

Need a Career Coach in NJ? Here’s 5 You Should Consider…

1. Timothy Lo
2. Becky Emet
3. Allison Task
4. Jeanine Cerundolo
5. Jessica Warta

#1. Timothy Lo

Timothy Lo
Timothy Lo

Tim has worked more than a decade in business strategy as well as process improvement. He knows how to form relationships with some of the top international consulting firms to help with the hiring process for new team members for a smoother transition.

He built Your Next Jump in order to reflect the passion he feels for his clients and the values he has as a professional. He appreciates hard work, his process is simple, and his belief is that anyone can reach their goals and achieve their dreams with a little preparation as well as planning.


  • MS Public Policy Management from Carnegie Mellon University
  • BA Public Policy and Engineering Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University


  • Coaching Career development
  • Creating Resume
  • Preparing for an Interview


  • $399 – Job Search Essentials
  • $699 – Networking Professional
  • $899 – Career Launch Kit
  • $1599 – Executive Branding Package
  • $2499 – Executive Branding Package Plus

Add on Services

  • $399/$299 if purchasing service above –Interview preparation session
  • $999/$899 if purchasing service above – Professional Branding Website

#2. Becky Emet

Becky Emet
Becky Emet

You can find Becky working with individual living all around the United States. She also works with those considering going back to school for a degree. She also works with those who don’t really know what they want yet but know that they need a change.

With Becky’s coaching approach, support, and guidance, her clients are able to get a clear picture of what they want out of their life both personally and professionally as well as gain the confidence they need in order to make their dream a reality. Goals need to be meaningful but also realistic and Becky can tailor a plan that is right for anyone.


  • BA in Sociology from the Women’s studies, Judaic Studies from Brandeis University
  • Master of Social Work from Smith College
  • School of Management from Boston University


  • Business planning
  • Business goal management
  • Executive coaching
  • Small business consulting
  • Virtual consultations
  • Manager training and development
  • Startup business consulting


An initial free consultation then Becky will help you determine your next steps

#3. Allison Task

Allison Task
Allison Task

If you are looking for a new career change, Allison can help you reach your goals. She has more than twenty years of experience coaching others in a career path that they actually enjoy. This gives her clients a new outlook on life and gives them a change they desperately needed in order to change the way things were going.

If you find yourself stuck in the same career and your days are simple, get up, go to work, go home, go to bed, and repeat, then let Allison take a look at your career goals and help you get on the right path so you can start enjoying life again.


  • Coaching Certificate from New York University
  • Degree in Human Development and Family studies issued by Cornell University


  • Career coaching
  • Online life coach
  • Career counseling
  • Personal coach
  • Transition coach


  • Quick start – 4 session (2 months) Includes support and partnership with quick transitions, powerful goal setting strategies.
  • Revolution $975/month – 9 sessions (3 months) Includes accelerated strategy to use between session
  • Slow and Steady $800/month – 12 sessions (6 months) work on achieving multiple goals over a certain period of time.
  • Single Sessions are available at $495/session

#4. Jeanine Cerundolo

Jeanine Cerundolo
Jeanine Cerundolo

Jeanine’s specialty is to work with professionals that range between age 25 to 65. She has dedicated her career to helping others to find the path they want or need to take in order to be happier in their career.

It’s important to be a go-getter when it comes to accomplishing your career, but it is not a requirement because everyone can reach their goals and Jeanine knows how to personalize each plan for every individual in order to help them reach their goal.

Be empowering and ready to commit to a better life with a few simple techniques that Jeanine will give you in order to reach your goal and live the life you want to live.


  • Master’s in clinical psychology issued by Columbia University
  • 80 Hour group coaching facilitators Certification in NYC
  • Yoga teacher certification with 200 hours issued by Kripalu Center in MA


  • Career coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Positive habit reinforcement
  • Spirituality


  • $180.00 session after one thirty-minute complimentary discovery call to determine if the sessions offered by Jeanine is the right ones for you.
  • Once the complimentary session is over, you can then register for a 60–70-minute session two or three times per month.
  • PayPal and Credit Cards accepted

#5. Jessica Warta

Jessica Warta
Jessica Warta

Jessica has worked with a lot of different people to help them reach their goals in their life. Whether it is a career change, an advancement in your career, or if you are simply graduating from college and just need some direction, Jessica can help determine what the next move in life should be.

It’s not easy going through your day in a job that you don’t like, and Jessica understands that. She uses her knowledge and her certification to get you where you want to be in your goals.


  • MBA From Columbia Business School with a concentration in Management
  • graduate of Amherst College (Magna Cum Laude) a double major in Economics and Psychology


  • Biography
  • Cover letter building
  • Resume writing
  • LinkedIn Profile builder
  • Behavioral interview prep


Fill out the email to Jessica on her website to get a free consultation to determine what services you will need that Jessica can help you with.

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