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Pittsburgh Life Coaches

Need a Pittsburgh Life Coach? Check these out…

Are you ready to take charge of your life and finally work on yourself?

If that is your goal, you are in the right place. Here are 7 top life coaches in Pittsburgh to help you start your transformation journey.

1. The Briefcase Chronicles
2. Purposeful Pathways Life Coaching
3. Eleven Coaching
4. Merlin Coaching
5. GRIT Mindset Academy
6. Joyful Living By Elizabeth
7. Shaun Surgener (Surge Effect)

1) The Briefcase Chronicles

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, you need the coaching by The Briefcase Chronicles. The coach’s name is Jillian, and she will help you create powerful career documents, level up your resume, align your skills with the roles, and much more. Her entire philosophy is to help you apply yourself to have the job of your dreams finally.

Jillian from Briefcase Chronicles
Briefcase Chronicles


  • Certified Professional Resume Writer: Issued in 2020 by Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
  • Project Management Professional: Issued in January 2020 by Project Management Institute
  • Bachelors of Arts Degree: Brenau University
  • Master of Business Administration: Brenau University
  • CEO, Founder at The Briefcase Chronicles

Services And Pricing

  • Briefcase Package I – Customized Resume: $250
  • Briefcase Package II – Resume + Cover Letter: $400
  • Briefcase Package III – Job Search Package: $550
  • Briefcase Package IV – Job Search Package Plus: $600

2) Purposeful Pathways Life Coaching

Allison Cowan found purposeful Pathways Life Coaching. She has more than twenty years of experience helping other people lead authentic lives and foster meaningful relationships. If you need motivation, support, inspiration, and meaningful connections in your life, then Purposeful Pathways is the ideal choice for you.

Allison is a coach, mentor, educator, and she believes in empowering other people through what she has learnt. If you feel lost and de-motivated in life, you will love what she has to offer. Here is everything you need to know about her as a life coach.

Allison Cowan
Allison Cowan


  • Certified Life Purpose Life Coach: Issued in March 2021 by Transformation Academy
  • Stress Management Practitioner: Issued by Workwise Solutions
  • Master Education Specialist: Cleveland State University
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.): Cleveland State University
  • Founder of Purposeful Pathways Life Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Allison offers authentic introspection, character development, intentional living, and life path planning
  • Allison will help you assess life opportunities and challenges, establish an accountability structure, sustain purposeful intentions, and honour and celebrate outcomes
  • She offers remote services and prices depend on your needs

3) Eleven Coaching

The founder of Eleven Coaching, Mic Mell, created this platform to help people personally and professionally. He is one of the top life coaches in Pittsburgh for the past ten years, and thousands of people have excelled personally and professionally after utilizing his services. If you want the lifestyle and career of your choice, you need Eleven Coaching in your life.

Mic Mell has opened Eleven Coaching across the U.S, and he offers a free pre-consultation call to all clients. It will allow you to understand what the coaching is about, and you can benefit from it. After that, you can make an informed decision.

Mic Mell
Mic Mell


  • Leadership and Communication: Landmark Education
  • Associates in Music: Broward College
  • General Education: Santa Fe Community College
  • Founder and CEO of Eleven Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Mic Mell will help you uncover all your leadership and partnership skills through his coaching
  • He offers personalized life coaching to each individual
  • Pricing is customized as it depends on the kind of coaching you need

4) Merlin Coaching

Jim McCoy, the founder of Merlin Coaching, is an extraordinary life and organizational coach. If you want to transform your personal and work life, he is the man who will help you in no time. He is also an author of The Last Place You Look.

The book is a complete guide to finding love and dating. Besides that, he is also a speaker and motivates people to work on all aspects of their life. He will help you navigate your love life, career relationship with yourself, health and fitness, and much more.

Jim McCoy
Jim McCoy


  • Bachelor of Arts: Colgate University
  • Director of Brookline Bird Club
  • Founder and CEO at Merlin Coaching

Services And Pricing

  • Jim McCoy aims to understand your motivations and potential to help you clarify circumstances and achieve more in life
  • His services include personal or group life coaching depending on your preferences
  • His pricing depends on the life coaching you need, which is why you will have to contact him for more information

5) GRIT Mindset Academy

Meredith Alexander is one of the top life coaches to help you create lasting change in your life. She is an inspiration to thousands of people, and her G.R.I.T program is incredibly well-known. Through this program, you will learn new strategies and tools that will help you turn each challenge into an opportunity.

If you are looking for clarity to transform your life, you need to opt for her sessions. Meredith offers one on one coaching, online and group training, monthly programs, and much more. She will constantly communicate with you to get what you need from the training and programs.

Meredith Alexander
Meredith Alexander


  • Certified Vir: Issued in May 2020 by eSpeakers
  • Foreign Languages and Literature: Phillips Exeter Academy
  • International and Global Studies: Georgetown University
  • Motivational Speaker and Trainer
  • Founder of GRIT Mindset Academy

Services And Pricing

  • Meredith offers the G.R.I.T formula that can help you create lasting and effective changes in your life
  • She will help you unravel what is holding you back and allow you to take action to create the life of your dreams
  • A La Carte Coaching: Comes in single sessions ($155), four packs ($597), six packs ($887), and 12 packs ($1,650)
  • Full Immersion Monthly Programs: One month ($997), two months ($1,750), and three months ($2,500)

6) Joyful Living By Elizabeth

Elizabeth Levitin is a pharmacist turned life coach. As a pharmacist, she used to help thousands of people improve their health and body. She knew this is what she wanted to do in the future, which is why she became a life coach.

Elizabeth Levitin
Elizabeth Levitin

Elizabeth now uses her knowledge to teach people how to prioritize themselves and turn their dreams into reality. She will teach you how to reduce stress, harness your inner power, and provide you with tools to enhance your relationships and career. She aims to transform your life in each aspect so you can achieve overall well-being.


  • Certified Coach: Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Doctor of Pharmacy: Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • CEO and Founder at Joyful Living by Elizabeth

Services And Pricing

  • Elizabeth is a life coach and a career development coach, and that is the service she provides
  • She offers personalized one on one coaching to all her clients
  • You will have to contact her for pricing as it is personalized

7) Shaun Surgener (Surge Effect)

Shaun Surgener will help you have a breakthrough by helping you start each day with abundance, passion, and purpose so you can work on your goals. His programs cater to everyone, and they aim to change the way you feel about yourself and your life to create lasting changes. He seeks to make you the sole creator of your future to live the life of your dreams.

Shaun Surgener
Shaun Surgener

Till now, he has helped hundreds of people, and he has more than eight years of experience in coaching people. The Surge Effect is all about action, behavioural changes, challenging limiting beliefs, building confidence and self-esteem, and much more. If you want to transform your life, you need the Surge Effect.


  • Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP)
  • Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC)
  • Training and background in general psychology, transformation psychology, neuroscience, and much more
  • Bachelors Degree in Pre-Medicine: Middle Tennessee State University

Services And Pricing

  • One Hour Life Coaching Session: $175
  • One Hour Fitness Session: $100
  • Ninety-Day Personal Mastery Program: $3,600
  • Surge Effect One Year Mentoring Program: $12,000
  • Surge Family Legacy Program: $50,000

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