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Raleigh NC Life Coach

Need a Raleigh NC Life Coach? Check these out…

If you are searching for the right life coach to help you determine where your pathway through life is going, below you will find a list of five life coaches to contact first.

1. Stefanie Zizzo
2. Laura Haywood
3. Robin Berning
4. Darlene Smith
5. Polly Feldman

1) Stefanie Zizzo

Stephanie is there for her clients through any life transitions and career changes. She offers more than twenty-five years of experience and knowledge to help others to gain some form of clarity in their decisions they have to make. No matter how challenging life can be, Stephanie can help you every step of the way. Come out of your comfort zone and start improving your confidence. Know what direction you want to go in and be in charge of your life.

Stefanie Zizzo
Stefanie Zizzo


  • International Coach Federation – Professional Coach Certificate
  • Life Coaching Training – Appreciative Engagement Coaching levels 1 and 2 Certification
  • Life Coaching Training – Graduate
  • Master’s in counseling
  • Bachelor’s in psychology

Services and Plans

Each session is 30 minutes long. Contact Stefanie to learn more about pricing

Career Coaching –

With this plan, you will:

  • Learn what you are qualified to do
  • Change careers with less difficulty
  • Stay at your current career but get a new take on your job
  • Work on your work relationships
  • Learn how you can advance your career

Job Search Coaching –

  • Write a resume that will get noticed
  • Learn how to handle yourself in an interview
  • Learn more about LinkedIn
  • Design a strategy based on credibility and visibility
  • Network

Life Coaching –

  • Learn to take care of you
  • Discover your life passions
  • Discover the real you and find out what you want in life and how to get it
  • Learn what is blocking you from living your life

Small Business Coaching –

  • Develop your own brand
  • Learn how to find your clients
  • Marketing strategies that you should know
  • Discover the real business vision for your business
  • Learn how to thrive in your own business

2) Laura Haywood

Laura takes a different outlook on life coaching and helps her clients to gain a brand new perspective on their goals. Challenges only help you to grow so she works to ensure confidence so you can get through the challenges. Who do you want to be? You will discover the real you with Laura by your side. It’s easy to lose who you are and harder to get that person back. Laura coaches with a passion so you will feel confident in her skills.

Laura Haywood
Laura Haywood


  • Raleigh Coaching Academy – Certified Authentic Leadership Coach
  • International Coaching Federation – ACC
  • TILT 365 – TILT 365 Certified Practitioner
  • MHS INC – EQ-I 2.0 certified
  • University of Cambridge, UK – Advance Diploma in Counseling
  • University of Cambridge, UK – Certificate of Higher Education in Counseling
  • Open University, UK – Bachelor of Arts Honors

Services and Plans

Services offered include –

  • Life Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Transition Coaching

Plans Include –

  • Sapling Starter Package: $1200 for six sessions/3 months
  • Dogwood Development Package $2280 for twelve sessions/6 months
  • Pine Transformation Package $4320 for twenty-four sessions/12 months
  • Booster Session – For Previous clients only $200

3) Robin Berning

Robin brings over thirty years of experience and life to every client she helps. Robin has used some of her own experiences in her life to help change the paths of others. Robin is on a mission in life to bring purpose to those who may be searching for it. When a new path in life is necessary to find happiness, you want someone who is experienced to help guide you along the way. Robin has been guiding people for many years now.

Robin Berning
Robin Berning


  • Maynard University – BA in Health and Fitness

Services and Prices

3 months of private coaching: $1555 which includes:

  • 1 – 90 minute discovery session
  • 5 – 60 minute Bi-Weekly Sessions
  • Customized homework
  • Email support

Going Forward Coaching: $1011 which includes:

  • Private one-on-one coaching to move forward
  • 4 – 60 minute Bi weekly sessions
  • Customized homework
  • Email support

4) Darlene Smith

As a life coach, Darlene can assist her clients in finding the right path to walk on when it comes to life changing decisions. With over thirty years of mentoring clients, she uses this knowledge to help others. As the Women’s Ministry Director for several years, and serving as a biblical counselor for women, she created a mentoring program that would focus on issues that women found themselves dealing with such as stress management. She came up with a working program that addressed stress and how to manage it and also included marriage classes as well.

Darlene Smith
Darlene Smith


  • IBCC – Board Certified Advance Christian Life Coach
  • IBCC – Biblical Counselor
  • AACC and Light University –
  • Stress and Trauma Care, anxiety, depression, interpersonal Neurobiology, addiction and recovery, and suicide P.A.I.R
  • Certification in Flourish – Life and Relationship Coach

Services and Prices

Darlene offers a free fifteen minute consultation to see if her services are right for you. In the consultation, she will discuss other sessions and the price. Call Darlene at 919-210-5797

Darlene can help with grief, career, leadership skills, health and wellness, stress management, anxiety, marriage and relationships, mentoring, coaching other life coaches, forgiveness of others and yourself, and developing healthier thought patterns

5) Polly Feldman

In 2013, Polly suffered the loss of a child, her son who died in an accident. This grief taught her how to deal with the loss of this magnitude and how to get through it. She wants to help others get through this grief and live life again. With a consultation with Polly, you will learn what your strengths are and how to wake up every day and be grateful.

Being in the coaching field, Polly can be there for you every step of the way throughout your life changing process. If you are dealing with grief, overwhelming sadness, or you just don’t know what direction to go anymore, Polly has the services that can help you.

Polly Feldman
Polly Feldman


  • Coach Training Alliance School – Certified Coach in Grief and Loss

Services and Prices

  • Grief and Loss Coaching
  • Grief and Bereavement Coaching
  • Grief and Stress Coaching
  • End of Relationship
  • End of Youth
  • Moving
  • Beginning a new career
  • Lifestyle Change
  • 30 minute free coaching session
  • 20 minute emergency session $45
  • 45 minute individual coaching session $75

Discount Plan-

  • One 45 minute session each month $75
  • Two 45 minute sessions each month $140
  • Four 45 minute sessions each month $260

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