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Remote Jobs: 10 Tech Positions That You Can Do from Home

Search Remotely 10 Tech Jobs from Home

Many modern jobs, especially ones in the tech industry, no longer require being chained in an office. In fact, there are now jobs that you can do within the comforts of your home.

If you’re looking for tech jobs that you can do from home, here are some options that you can choose.

Web Developer

Web developers can either be freelancers or are employees for a company to help them make websites. Even if a web developer works for a company, they can make work arrangements to work from home or anywhere they want.

The work that a web developer does is often confused with that of a web designer. Although their jobs and tasks coincide and are similar to one another, there are still huge differences.

For one, a web designer works on the front-end side of the website. They work on the aesthetics or appearance of the website and the user experience (UX). On the other hand, Web developers work on either front-end and back-end coding that focuses on on-site functionality.

DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer is another tech role that can do work from home. Based on the name itself, a DevOps Engineer is involved in both the Development and IT Operations of a company.

The role of a DevOps Engineer evolves all the time. But to put it simply, they often have responsibilities around code release and development.

A DevOps Engineer has a cross-functional role that usually aims for two concepts: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Unlike the often linear approach to software development, the addition of a DevOps Engineer allows a company to have a smoother code release and deployment experience.

Software Developer

The simplest way to describe what a software developer does is they conceptualize and develop computer applications or programs. However, their daily tasks differ depending on their specialization and the industry they’re in.

There’s also some confusion on the differences between a software developer and a computer programmer.

A computer programmer most often deals with programming a code, testing that code, fixing glitches, and the like. A software developer would focus more on the big picture. This includes overall program functionality, design, security, and more.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Internet connection has been a more innate part of the modern workforce.

More and more people are browsing the web. We even do shopping and banking transactions online! As such, there is a greater emphasis on the importance of cybersecurity.

That said, a cybersecurity engineer protects sensitive data and protects from hacking.

Database Administrator

Database Administrators play a critical tech role in many companies and institutions.

They are responsible for managing, designing, installing, and more databases for their clients. This includes ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and peruse the data.

After the database development, a DBA is also responsible for ensuring that there are no hiccups in the operation of the database. They also are responsible for keeping it secure, and they often conduct performance tuning to ensure that.

Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance (QA) Analysts are responsible for ensuring the quality of a product.

When pertaining to the tech industry, a QA Analyst would usually be responsible for testing software. They look for bugs and other issues that affect the function of the software in any way.

A QA analyst’s day-to-day tasks involve testing, analyzing, reporting, and organizing bug reports.

Since QA testing is a regular part of software development, they must have a sense of organization. With the help of a QA analyst, a product or software can be released with as few issues as possible.

Technical Support Specialist

A Technical Support Specialist’s role is to help resolve technical issues. For instance, a cable channel is unavailable on your TV. You might want to contact your provider’s tech support for help.

Depending on the industry and company, a technical support specialist may need a computer science background or something similar. However, there are cases where the company you work for will provide the training for you.

The vital skills of an excellent technical support specialist are patience and communication skills.

Technical Writer

A technical writer can use their ability to write to break down complex and technical concepts for different uses. Technical writers are a critical part of many companies.

Most of the time, their job entails explaining technical issues through written content. Some assignments may involve the creation of technical documentation or even equipment manuals.

A technical writer must have a solid grasp of what they are going to write about. Otherwise, instructions can be unclear or confusing. Thus, skills in research and comprehension, and maybe a background in the industry they’re writing about, are critical.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager does precisely what is in their job title: they manage social media accounts.

They are often responsible for the social media accounts of businesses. This includes creating and publishing content on social media platforms on behalf of a company, and interacting with their audience.

A social media manager can be similar to a social media marketer, but separate people can also take on the role. This role can also be remote since the position requires social media use, which you can do everywhere.

Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist helps businesses market their product or service online.

Their approach may be either through paid or organic means. Either way, their ultimate goal is to market the company through digital means. That means online ads, blog posts, and many more options.

It’s another role that one can do from their homes easily as long as they can stay connected online.

Over to You

All of these tech positions are doable even when you are at home. This is also an excellent example of how far technology has come.

Based on your experience and skills, you can surely build a tech career for yourself while still managing to work from home. Imagine having to earn a regular income without having to travel or commute.

Try these out and see for yourself which roles speak to you the most.

About the Author:

Kenneth Sytian is the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions Ecommerce Website Designer Philippines. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.

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