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2023 Running Remote Conference

2023 Running Remote Conference wSR logo

Running Remote, an international event to discuss innovations and challenges of interest to remote first employers, remotely working employees and aspirant remote workers is here again! Running Remote is perhaps the largest conference dedicated to remote work. On April 25-26, 2023, this annual conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal and promises to be the best ever. Why?

Remote work advocates and top tier business leaders from UpWork, Zoom, Twitter, Basecamp, Mural, Fiverr, and  Microsoft among others will be presenting the latest technological advances related to remote work as well as the high in demand soft skills required to become a top performer  remote worker and high achieving remote first employer.

What are some of the conference topics to be explored?

Well, basically they run the gamut of what we discuss here on For instance, take a look at these offerings:

If reading articles aren’t your thing, be sure to head to the Running Remote website to register. In addition to the plenthora of information to be gained by attending the 2023 Running Remote Conference, the location of the event has much to offer as well. For instance, Portugalist shares with its readers that Portugal has perfect year round weather that does not succumb to the extreme high and low temperatures of other climates. Additional, if you are used to living in California or New York, forget the rain and snow. There are about 300 or more days of constant rays of sun. Another added bonus that Portugal provides as a remote work destination for digital nomads is its low cost of living and ease in which air travel makes any flight thoughout Europe a snap.

But perhaps the best feature of all is its ‘”nomad hubs, particularly Lisbon but also places like Lagos in the Algarve, Madeira, Porto, Ericeira, and Costa da Caparica” where expatriates, digital nomads and remote workers congregate to make these hot working destinations their own.

The timing of the 2023 Running Remote Conference could not have been better timed. Why? In a few short weeks, Portugal will introduce an expanded D7 visa.  The D7 Digital Nomad Visa permits the digital nomad working remotely to live  as a temporary resident in Portugal while working  for a company located outside of Portugal for more than 90 days. You can’t bet this offer, right? This new visa will permit non European Union, US and Swiss citizens to temporarily live in Portugal while they work online for foreign entities.

As we said, please check out the 2023 Running Remote Conference. You will gain so much from this experience. Hope to see you there!









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