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St. Louis Life Coach

Want a local St. Louis Life Coach? Here’s a few…

Are you struggling to accomplish your life and career objectives? If so, you may be considering using a life coach. They work with you to guide you through a path of self-discovery. To help you with your journey, we have picked out the top seven coaches in St. Louis for you.

1. Anne S. Kosem
2. Camelot Life Coach
3. Christian Life Coach
4. Coach This Life
5. Dr. Deb Butler
6. Insight Coaching STL
7. Living With Momentum

1) Anne S. Kosem

Do you lack the passion for discovering yourself? If so, then Anne is the best person to guide you. She is well-known for igniting a spark that will motivate you to grow.

Her aim is to help you through difficult parts of your life. By focusing on your strengths and weaknesses, she will help you make better decisions about your life. Besides that, she will help you build more confidence to feel secure and trust your inner voice.

Anne S. Kosem
Anne S. Kosem

Here are some facts about Anne that will grab your interest.


  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming Associate Partner

Services And Pricing

  • She offers one-hour sessions
  • The meeting can be held at her office, on-call, or over video chat
  • Her business coaching sessions are customized to target particular objectives
  • For prices, you will have to contact Anne

2) Camelot Life Coach

Barry Cervantes leads Camelot Life Coach. With many years of expertise, Barry is a well-known coach in St. Louis. His approach is systematic, and he dedicates his full attention to your needs.

Initially, he strives to learn more about you to identify your goals. Once he knows your desires, he will focus on helping you improve by using different techniques. Besides that, he will motivate you to focus on your growth and unlock answers within your consciousness.

Barry Cervantes
Barry Cervantes

His Dialogues plan is well-liked by his clients and aims to target specific qualities. Below are some other details about him.


  • MBA from John Cook School of Business, St. Louis University
  • BSc in Psychology from University of Santa Clara

Services And Pricing

  • His Mindset for Success program is tailored to help you accomplish your ambitions
  • Pricing includes an initial down payment of $250 and then $1000 a month

3) Christian Life Coach

Are you facing religious dilemmas that are affecting your work and personal life? If yes, then worry no more. Bill Kuntz, the founder of Christian Life Coach, is the best religious life coach in St. Louis.

He aims to strengthen your beliefs by using practical teachings. Besides that, he will encourage you to take a better approach to lead your life. If you firmly want to find inner peace, then he is the right coach for you.

Bill Kuntz
Bill Kuntz

Bill also offers a free consultation service to assist you in making a wise decision.


  • He received his life coaching training through MentorCoach
  • Bill is a licensed psychologist

Services And Pricing

  • Offers coaching sessions by call and in-person
  • He also offers couples and group sessions to provide more comfort in seeking life coaching
  • All meetings last thirty to forty-five minutes and scheduled as per your requirements
  • For prices, contact Christian Life Coach

4) Coach This Life

Many people are afraid to introduce change to their life. Are you skeptical of change too? If yes, then Coach This Life is best for you.

Kristy Mox runs this coaching center and has helped many people through their life decisions. She uses her past experiences to relate to her clients and help them move forward. By asking questions, she learns more about their goals and insecurities.

Kristy Mox
Kristy Mox

Once she fully understands the root of your issues, she will use different tools to empower you. She aims to motivate you to think about your future ventures so that you get to know your goals better.


  • Certified Peer Support Specialist
  • She as trained under Tony Robbins, who is a renowned life coach

Services And Pricing

  • Kristy offers various coaching services which target specific parts of your life
  • The prices of session are customized to your needs, so you should contact Coach This Life

5) Dr. Deb Butler

Deb Butler is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and life coach. She deals with helping women through their struggles. Her aim is to mainly tackle life issues with women who have weight and health issues.

Many of her clients have given positive feedbacks about her services. She knows how to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the session. By identifying your fears and insecurities, Deb devises a strategic plan for her clients.

Deb Butler
Deb Butler

She aims to make you more aware of your body so that you have more control over it. She will help you to accept your flaws and move forward with building self-esteem. By working with her, your outlook on life will become more positive.

Her experience and knowledge of eight years will help you in countless ways. But, aside from that, you can opt for a free mini-session. It will help you get to know her better and decide whether she is the right fit.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic Degree
  • Master Life Coach

Services And Pricing

  • Deb offers life coaching sessions to help with weight loss
  • In her sessions, she will raise more awareness and allow you to take control of your emotions
  • Contact her now to learn about the prices

6) Insight Coaching STL

Insight Coaching is run by Joel Oliver, who has been life coaching for many years. He runs an effective program for his clients to deal with life, business, and ministry issues. One way he does this is by giving them honest feedback and supporting their goals.

Besides that, he incorporates various coaching techniques he benefited from when he had a life coach. Joel will give you assignments to make sure you follow up with your objectives. By encouraging you to discover yourself, he will work on your strengths.

Joel Oliver
Joel Oliver

If you are determined to transform yourself, then Joel will accelerate that process. After all, he is an expert at being a life coach.


  • Doctor of Pharmacy Degree: University of Tennessee
  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Registered Pharmacist: State of Missouri

Services And Pricing

  • Better Life Coaching program for people who feel stuck in life but wants to achieve something
  • Life Transitions Coaching for those who are going through a rough phase and struggling to adapt to the change
  • Leadership Coaching for people who aspire to achieve a leading position in their careers
  • Aside from the above three services, Joel offers much more programs
  • Please contact Insight Coaching to get to know their fees

7) Living With Momentum

Claire Steiner is the owner of Living with Momentum and a personal coach. With an experience of over twenty years, she helps people regain hope about life ventures. Her primary focus is to help you with your relationships.

By providing you therapeutic counseling, she aims to bring more clarity to your life. Besides that, she also takes on teenagers as clients. Her aim is to help adolescents through the issues they face in their school life.

She holds her clients accountable for achieving their goals and motivates them to rid themselves of negativity. Her unwavering passion for helping you attain freedom is an admirable quality.

Claire Steiner
Claire Steiner

If you’re torn about making a decision, you can opt for her free consultation service. In addition, she offers in-person and on-call services.


  • Graduate of Washington University, St. Louis
  • Graduate of Concordia College, Seward
  • Licensed Counselor, Clinical Social World (LCSW)
  • Certified Life and Wellness Coach

Services And Pricing

  • She offers counseling sessions to teens, adults, and families to guide them through personal difficulties
  • Her Coaching for Individuals program focuses on one-on-one sessions to help you through transitions
  • She also provides group coaching to help various people connect
  • Besides the programs, Claire also holds workshops and presentations
  • Get in touch with her now to learn about the prices

Final Remarks

That was all the knowledge you will require about the top life coaches in St. Louis. If you are looking to transform yourself, then you can choose from any of the above-mentioned coaches. All of them have been tried and tested. So, you should have no doubts about their services.

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