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Remote Jobs List – Roles, Salaries, Skills & More

remote jobs

Remote jobs are available for the vast majority of professions. Okay, maybe not astronaut or pro tennis player. But you’ll be surprised at how many roles are now performed online.

Billion-dollar businesses like InVision and Automattic (the people behind WordPress, Tumblr and WooCommerce) operate 100% from home. That means remote jobs for directors, product and project managers, marketers, admin, everything.

The remote jobs list isn’t just designers, copywriters and social media managers. The list is growing all the time. In this article we explore dozens of different roles, along with their salaries and the skills required. You’ll also find links that can help you up-skill for a new role.

Remote Jobs List – Salary Expectations

Salaries for remote job roles are not too dissimilar to salaries for doing the same job in an office. Companies employing a distributed workforce tend to pay in US dollars, even if their headquarters are not in the USA.

Of course, salary expectations will be different dependent on where you live. For the same job role you would expect to be paid more in Melbourne than in Manila or Mumbai.

Employing a remote team gives a company access to a wider talent pool. They don’t need to attract employees willing to relocate, so salaries tend to be 5 – 25% lower. In return, you enjoy the freedom of working anywhere. And just think of how much money you save on the commute.

In most cases companies offer salaries dependent on either the location of their headquarters (where they are registered if they are 100% remote), or the location of their customers. So the same remote job role for a company based out of Manila will pay less than a company in Melbourne.

Remote Job List – 15 Roles for 2020 and Beyond

Accountant / Finance Manager

A classic example of a job that is turning remote at a rapid rate. Quintessential images suggest accountants sat behind a desk piled high with receipts and paperwork. Companies are switching to digital accounting, for example via apps such as QuickBooks. Everything is online and in the cloud, so the finance team can work from any location. This includes payroll specialists, finance managers, tax advisors, accountants and more. Just note that you will need a geographic specialism as accounting rules are different in each country.

Up-skill: Look for globally recognised certifications, especially CPA (USA) and ACCA (UK).

Salary: $50,000 + dependent on the position.

Admin Support

Admin assistants are massively in demand. Many companies hire admin on a project by project basis, although there’s still a huge number of full-time remote jobs. Like many professions, companies want to hire a distributed remote team so they don’t pay for fixed office space. Many veer towards hiring admin support from countries where salaries are low, especially India and the Philippines. However, native English is a necessity for more advanced admin roles. For a higher paying admin job look to expand your breadth of computer skills (e.g. Adobe, WordPress, HTML) or gain versatile project management skills.

Up-skill: Adobe has a certification program. Many organisations offer a 10-hour WordPress diploma.

Salary: $12,000 for the most basic roles, up to $25,000.

Business Development

Can you take a business to the next level? Business development roles have been around for decades. Traditionally the job role was focused in an office. But as more businesses operate internationally, they have turned to internationally-located employees. Employers are usually looking for people with business development, marketing or sales experience in a similar field. If you don’t have any of that experience, the biggest growth industry is SaaS (software as a service), essentially any subscription based product delivered online.

Up-skill: Online sales experience will make you more employable.

Salary: Expect a heavily commission-based package, so the annual salary can be $25,000 – 100,000 +.


Copywriting is the general term given to writing copy. It has nothing to do with copyright. All online writing falls under this category, but not journalism that requires a more specific qualification. To be a copywriter you don’t need any qualification. You do need a passion to write because it’s not easy typing away for eight hours a day. Jobs are usually provided based on your talent and what you’ve done before. Many people are good at writing but don’t make good copywriters. If you’re starting out, master the basics of online copywriting and practice a lot, because the faster you can write well the more you will earn.

Up-skill: Neil Patel lists 75 excellent copywriting resources on his blog.

Salary: Freelancers are usually paid per piece, starting at $0.03 per word for junior copywriters, advancing to $0.08 per word and more for senior copywriters.

Customer Support / Customer Operations

You know those massive call centres with thousands of operators chatting away to customers? Well, they are a thing of the past. It’s easy to work from home when all you need is a phone line and a computer that’s online. There’s a huge trend towards remote customer support as it saves businesses money. It also helps them operate 24 hours a day without paying night shift supplements. You can do this job from anywhere, but you will have fixed hours.

Up-skill: Organisations like Vision2Learn offer free online customer service courses.

Salary: $12,000 and upwards.

Data Analysis / Data Science

Data specialists are the most in-demand employees on the planet right now. Our web-based society creates endless data and there is so much to learn by analysing it. Except there are very data scientists. This remote job is a mix of maths, statistics, IT and business. It’s something you do on your computer with very little external assistance. And you don’t need a university degree for highly paid entry-level jobs. If you’re looking for a change of career, data is a future-proof choice.

Up-skill: Switchup analyses different data science bootcamps and qualifications – there are hundreds of online courses out there.

Salary: Starting from $40,000. Many data science jobs are $100,000 +.

Designer (Digital, Graphic and More)

This is another role traditionally done at a desk, in front of a computer. While design work does require intensive interaction (with clients if you freelance or internal teams), most of this can now be done online. You need passion and talent to land a remote graphic design job. Employers aren’t looking at qualifications, they’re interested in your previous work and your ability to wow. If you have no experience, consider an online course supplemented by doing small free projects.

Up-skill: Adobe is the go-to for both certifications and actually doing the job.

Salary: Junior designers from $30,000. Senior from $50,000.

Developer (i.e. Coding, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, Software Engineer)

Coding is an in-demand and another job for the future. Before setting out, think carefully about the type of coding you will specialise in. Employers are generally seeking specialists. So while a little HTML knowledge may get you a freelance gig, you’ll gain a better remote job by focusing on a specific skill: e.g. Drupal, Full-Stack, or even WordPress. Also consider whether you’re interested in the back-end development or front-end development.

Up-skill: There are thousands of online courses that can help you up-skill from scratch. Note that coding takes time to master so don’t expect a job after a four-week course.

Salary: From $50,000 for a computer programmer, $70,000 for a web developer, $100,000 for app development.

Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant / Executive Secretary

It’s strange that it’s taken so long for executive assistants to become a remote job. These assistants support busy professionals, typically those earning $200,000 plus. They manage diaries and appointments, book travel, coordinate meetings, and mop up all the little things their boss doesn’t do. In previous years, the boss would travel and the assistant would manage everything from the office. It’s now a role that is increasingly performed online.

Up-skill: Look for a personal assistant training course. There are many of them around for less than $500.

Salary: $16,000 upwards.

Language Teacher

The vast majority of people now learn languages online. Many do so with free apps like Duolingo. Many others do it with an online tutor. You will typically teach one to one and your students can be anywhere in the world. It’s not just English. Spanish, Mandarin, Russian and many other languages are in demand. Online teaching companies have relatively low entrance requirements, but how much work you get depends on how many students you can retain.

Up-skill: For English, get a TEFL qualification such as CELTA.

Salary: $10 – 15 per hour.

Marketing (Including Social Media Marketing)

Most marketing is now done online. And you can work online anywhere. Social media marketing is the buzz-word remote job that attracts many first-time digital nomads. Competition for this job is incredibly high, perhaps because no specific qualifications are required. Remember, marketing is not just social. Many companies employ remote marketing managers, or digital marketing managers that must work across multiple channels. A lot of these marketing jobs are part-time and outsourced to freelancers.

Up-skill: For an entry level position consider specialising in a single channel where you can show results, e.g. Facebook or Instagram.

Salary: Job competition pushes the pay down but $10 – 30 per hour is a good reference point dependent on experience.

Project Management (Remote)

How can you manage a project when you’re not on site? Well, you are onsite if the project is remote. A remote workforce needs a remote project manager. And that’s where you can come in. You need most of the same skill set as a fixed-base project manager, but with a new set of tools (perhaps Monday, Trello or Asana). Companies do hire full-time remote project managers and there’s a huge demand for freelance project managers as well. Prince2 is still a relevant qualification but now there are more online targeted methodologies, such as Scrum and Agile.

Up-skill: Check out this list of online project management qualifications.

Salary: $25,000 upwards for full-time. $20 – 40 an hour on a freelance basis.

Researcher (Online)

Modern research is done online, not at the library. You need to be diligent, creative, and know how to look beyond page one of Google. At the moment these jobs are mostly on a part-time freelance basis. Companies seek specific research and reach out to freelancers who can deliver results. But as the trend towards remote working continues, expect to see more full-time positions. For most research jobs you will need either job experience of a degree in the same field.

Up-skill: If you can successfully research the best way to become a researcher you’re in a very strong position.

Salary: Competitive from $20,000 plus but varies enormously on the top end.

Remote Sales Jobs – Inc Product Management

Sales is the most universal job on the planet. It’s also probably the oldest profession there is, after farming. Yet it’s amazing how many sales people complain that they can’t work from home. You can takes sales anywhere, including specific job roles like product management. You’ll find more remote sales jobs with products that are also remote, especially non-physical products such as technology services. Be wary of any remote sales job that’s 100% commissioned based. A serious company that believes in their product will offer a salary plus commission.

Up-skill: Hubspot is the go-to for modern remote sales methods. They list 27 sales training programs on their blog.

Salary: Starting salaries can be low but the commission is usually good if you’re good at sales.

Other Remote Jobs to Consider

The global workforce is more and more remote. Even if your profession is not on the list above, there’s a good chance it’s also a remote job. In the coming years you can expect more remote work opportunity, especially after the corona pandemic forces companies to reevaluate how they operate.

The list of remote jobs can never be exhaustive. Maybe you will be among the first of your profession to work within a distributed network. If that’s the case, you’ll be in demand in the years to come. And if you’re considering re-skilling and changing career path, the great news is that companies are looking beyond traditional qualifications. You no longer need a three-year university degree just to get started.

Visit our remote jobs board for a long list of remote job opportunities, in these professions and more.

In Addition to this, if you want to learn the necessary skills required to be hired within these types of remote jobs, take a look at our remote courses section.

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