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Local Life Coaches

Local Life Coaches

I’ve started putting together some posts where I review reputable and/or highly-rated local life coaches from major cities around the US.

Check out the list of cities I’ve reviewed so far below and contact me if there’s a city you think I should write about.

Local Life Coaches by City

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What Do Life Coaches Do?

A life coach guides individuals to achieving their full potential in life or helps them address challenges they face.

They do this by helping the individual clarify life goals and overcome obstacles that might come up.

Usually, a life coach has some certification in a relevant field such as business, psychology, sociology, and others.

Life coaching is different from mentoring in that it focuses on specific goals or tasks.

Furthermore, life coaches leverage various types of communication methods such as questioning, critical thinking, restatements, and others.

How Much Do Life Coaches Charge?

Prices for life coaches can vary based on number of factors including:

  • The coach’s reputation – a life coach with a considerable reputation is likely to command high fees, as most of their clients are people like CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.
  • The nature of the challenge – some life challenges require lots of effort, time, and resources to handle effectively. Besides, the type of challenge determines the scope of services or skills required for the coaching process.
  • Current economic trends – life coaches charge differently based on economic trends and factors such as location.

Where Do Life Coaches Work?

Life coaches often have physical office locations where people can get meet them for consultation.

However, most of them are also online nowadays to match the increasing demand for such services.

So, one can even work with life coaches through online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, and more.

What Types of Life Coaches are There?

Below is a quick rundown of the common types of life coaches you can find:

  • Relationship coaches are professionals who specialize in marriages, personal relationships, family life, and others.
  • Career coaches help individuals to become successful in their career paths and to overcome obstacles.
  • Business coaches guide people on commerce topics, including business startups, optimizing profit, and more.
  • Health coaches focus on achieving a clients ideal health and overall wellness goals.

Who Hires Life Coaches?

The people who hire life coaches are those who face specific challenges and obstacles in life.

Some examples include divorce, lack of employment, obesity, and various others.

Even the most successful people in the world still invest in life coaches’ services to help navigate through challenges.

Someone hires a life coach to help remove any stumbling blocks that might hamper their progress to become successful.

Furthermore, life coaches are also ideal for people who want clarity in handling specific goals or issues in life.

While their services come at a cost, a reputable life coach guarantees results.

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