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Orange County Life Coaches

Looking for an Orange County Life Coach? Check these out…

Life coaches can influence the way you choose your next path in life. With their knowledge and guidance, you can make the right decision for you. If you are searching for a life coach in Orange County, here are the top five to choose from.

1. Mina Watkins
2. Taylor Lippman
3. Jamie Dadant
4. Stephanie Colson
5. Donna Bond

1) Mina Watkins

Mina uses a combination of knowledge and training to coach clients on the right path in life. Opening her clients up to potential possibilities can give them the insight they need to make the right decisions for them. She makes it her goal to provide the support that can help those searching for clarity in their fork in the road.

Mina Watkins
Mina Watkins

Mina has been serving Orange County since 2008 working with residents as well as businesses to reach professional and personal life-changing goals.


Mina holds the following:

  • Accomplishment Coaching – Coaching training
  • Former President of ICF in Orange County
  • Board of Directors for the Orange County Chapter
  • California State University Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Services and Prices

Contact Mina by phone or email and she will give you a price for services based on what your needs are. Mina offers the following services:

  • Business consulting
  • Life coaching

2) Taylor Lippman

Taylor is a life coach that works with his clients to encourage and guide them on their path to making professional as well as personal decisions. a life coach works to help others to turn over the information about themselves in order to make a better change in their life.

While this process takes as long as it needs to, Taylor can create a clearer alternative around the obstacles that may be blocking you from making the right decisions. Taylor doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution to every client; instead, he breaks down the issues that you need to address so you can see a clearer picture.

Taylor Lippman
Taylor Lippman


  • Coached through Tony Robbins’ Results Coaching
  • Life Purpose Institute certification as a life coach
  • 60+ hours of coach specific training and exercises

Services and Prices

3 Month Belief Hacking Coaching Package $1300

  • Includes 12 – 50 minute personal success coaching sessions
  • Access to private coaching Facebook group plus live hypnotherapy sessions
  • Bi-weekly life coaching calls plus access to recorded calls
  • Monthly guided hypnotherapy sessions with Tricia Fishbune
  • Challenges with prizes
  • Five private self-talk audios
  • Private belief-hacking YouTube playlist

6 Months to Success Coaching Package $8256

  • This package includes all the bonuses with the 3-month Belief Hacking Coaching plus
  • Six months of 18-45 minute personal success coaching sessions
  • Bi-Monthly financial coaching with a CPA and Personal Finance Coach
  • 4-45 minute sessions with a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Tricia Fishbune

3) Jamie Dadant

Jamie is an over-achiever, a mother, manages a household, and enjoys being a life coach. After experiencing the feeling of changing her life after seeing a life coach herself, she wanted to help others. So, she worked hard to receive her coaching certification and began to help others.

Jamie Dadant
Jamie Dadant

Jamie coach’s moms who may be dealing with stress and experiencing that burnout feeling. She helps to figure out the balance between work and family so the life you lead is more fulfilling and with purpose. Learn how to deal with the weight of the world on your shoulders.


  • University of California – Sociology
  • Life Purpose Institute – Life Coach

Services and Prices

One on One Coaching 45-minute coaching sessions virtual

  • Weekly planning $27
  • All consultations are virtual

4) Stephanie Colson

Stephanie used to rely on wine in order to relax after her day. She soon learned that one glass per day ended up being one bottle every night and even more during the weekends. Between weight gain, not sleeping well, and the consistent hangovers, she was tired of this lifestyle and wasn’t getting anywhere in her life.

She knew she could do better, and she wanted to do better but now she had to tackle all the issues she was drinking to avoid. With her mindset on a better perspective, she was able to use her proven approach to handle issues and now, to teach others how to handle issues instead of drinking to cover them up.

Stephanie Colson
Stephanie Colson


  • Certified Life Coach

Services and Prices

Weekdays without Wine Bootcamp

DIY: $497

Premium: $997

  • This package includes emails and lesson delivered daily to your inbox with skill building and mind management tips in order to change your alcohol dependency habit.
  • More than 35 worksheets to help you along your journey
  • More than 10 instructional videos that help you to manage your urges
  • 21 day gratitude meditation
  • 10 One on one coaching sessions
  • 10 Email coaching sessions

Mini Course $49.97

  • 4 Videos and 4 Worksheets each are 20 minutes long
  • Understand your urges to drink
  • Learn how to manage your urges to drink
  • Learn to create a plan and stick to it
  • When you do drink, learn how to stop beating yourself up over it

5) Donna Bond

Donna’s adventure started at the age of 45 when she enrolled in a master’s program in Spiritual Psychology located at the University of Santa Monica. The motivation for this decision to enrolled was the fact that she was living the American dream – a good home, good job, money, and someone to share it with.

However, she found herself unhappy with what lied within. She was depressed, unhappy, feeling unfulfilled and exhausted. Through her studies, she was able to let go of that six figure income and walk in a new path that only she had traveled. Today, she has a better outlook on life and is now a mentor and spiritual consultant to those who seek for a change in life.

Donna Bond
Donna Bond


  • University of Santa Monica – Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology With an emphasis on consciousness, health, and healing
  • Professional coaching certification

Services and Prices


  • personal transformation – email Donna for price
  • Corporation – email Donna for price


  • Original wisdom opportunities for transformation $33/14 lessons
  • Original wisdom sacred truth Activations $3.33/25 lessons
  • Igniting your light Membership $110/month 65 lessons
  • 4 ways to get unstuck $0.00 4 lessons

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