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Portland Life Coaches

Looking for a Portland Life Coach? Check these out…

When you need to find a life coach, you don’t want to waste time searching for a professional only to find out that they don’t offer what you need. If you are searching for a life coach in the Portland area, here are the five top life coaches to call first.

1. Michele Greco
2. Randy Spelling
3. Sam Baron
4. Diane Dreiser
5. Gary Fink

1) Michele Greco

Michele works exclusively with her clients to find the right path on your journey through life. She is a life coach that may be the key to your successful experience. She offers on site coaching, and she can also coach virtually as well. She believes that you can quiet the mind and listen closely to what your heart and your body is telling you.

Michele Greco
Michele Greco


  • Attachment training
  • Guest speaking
  • Founder/Director of Portland Coaching Collective
  • Natural medicine education and training leader
  • Open adoption and family services board of directors
  • Successfully completed the Hakomi Method of Experiential Therapy approaches Institute
  • Complex Integrative NLP Practitioner Training
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  • EMDR
  • Positive psychology
  • Somatic coaching training
  • Oregon Law Commission workgroup

Services Offered

Michele offers private sessions in a safe space that you can feel comfortable in as she coaches you through uncovering decisions that you need or want to make in your life.

Michele offers The Positive Pivot which is a program designed to help you from a different perspective.

Service Prices

Michele offers a variety of sessions so you can customize them according to your needs. All sessions can be booked online on her convenient website.

  • Receive a complimentary session/consultation to discover how coaching can work for you.
  • 50-Minute Private Sessions $165
  • 90-Minute Private sessions $255
  • 2 Hour the Positive Pivot Session
  • 90-Minute the Positive Pivot Session

The Start Up Package is available for those who want to continue with Michele’s coaching sessions. This package includes:

  • 1-90 minute Discovery Session
  • 7- 50 minute sessions
  • 1- 90 minute summary session

Total: $1530

The Positive Pivot Program consists of the following:

  • 1-2 hour session
  • 1-1.5 follow up session

Total: $560

2) Randy Spelling

Randy works with clients to help them uncover their better way of life and works with them to achieve their goals using several different methods and tools. The key to success is knowing that it’s not just a one-size-fits-all method but a more personal method for each life searching for change.

Randy had to make the same decisions in his life when he was twenty-seven. He gained experience in how to sift through what wasn’t so important versus what was. Through this time in his life, he dealt with anxiety as well as the overwhelming feelings that you may be feeling now. This led him on the path of helping others find their path without being alone.

Randy Spelling
Randy Spelling


Randy is a Credentialed Life Coach


Services that Randy provides includes

  • Private coaching
  • Consulting
  • Group programs
  • Retreats
  • VIP Days
  • Speaking


Contact Randy on his website to learn about his price per service.

3) Sam Baron

Sam’s method of coaching is unique and effective. His methods can help you stay focused as you begin your journey finding the right intentional path through life. Sam helps you stay focused on the present as well as the future so you don’t waste time looking back on what you cannot change. Take time to get to know Sam and read more on how he helps others create an intentional life and how he can help you have an intentional life too.

Sam Baron
Sam Baron


Sam is a Primal health coach


  • Get unstuck with habits
  • Resilience with mindfulness
  • Be healthy by being human


Classes –

  • New students 2 classes/$16
  • Two weeks unlimited classes/$24
  • Single class/$14
  • 5 classes/$65
  • 10 classes/$120

Memberships can be purchased as well –

  • Monthly unlimited $49
  • Monthly unlimited for nonprofit/student/educator $36

You can choose a course in the following:

  • Focus and calm (4 week foundation course) $349
  • Clarity (6 week course) $349
  • Connection (6 week course) $349
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction $549
  • Mindful self—compassion $549

Private Sessions –

  • Individual private Sessions $250
  • 2-4 people private session $500
  • 5-8 people private session $950

4) Diane Dreiser

Diana always found the study of the mind to be interesting which led to her interest in helping others who needed it. Her family had to deal with mental illness so Diane learned firsthand how challenging this can be for individuals as well as families to go through. Diane is constantly learning of new ways to handle all aspects of life and she passes her knowledge on to her clients. By using a variety of means that includes yoga and meditation, dealing with stress is a huge part of the process and learning how to calm the mind on the days where it is chaotic. Today, Diane is a good life coach to consider as she teaches clients how to create a solution to a more focused life.

Diane Dreiser
Diane Dreiser


Solution focused life coaching/NLP

Clinical Psychology Degree


  • Life Coach
  • Business and Career Coach
  • Health and wellness
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Alternative Healing
  • Career coaching for women


You will receive an initial consult for fifteen minutes free. During that time, Diane will help you determine how to best handle your consultations and coaching from there. She can advise you the cost of your sessions after your initial free sessions.

5) Gary Fink

If you are searching for a new path on your journey in life, Gary may be the professional to help you find it. Life can be challenging on occasions and that’s why it’s important that you have a life coach that will help you stay focused and on what matters the most.

Gary takes a simple but effective approach to life coaching by showing you how to focus in order to better understand where you are and what you need on your journey. This helps you eliminate what will be negative to your efforts and consume your time. With Gary, your life adventure can be a positive experience.

Gary Fink


Master’s degree in social work


Services offered from Gary include:

  • addiction,
  • anger management,
  • divorce,
  • job stress,
  • relationships,
  • marriage counseling,
  • care giving,
  • chronic illness, and more.


  • Individual private session $140
  • Relationship life coaching session $155
  • Executive coaching session $170

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