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Do these 5 things before applying for a remote job

Search Remotely 5 To Do Before Applying For Remote Job

Sure, job seekers you are beating the pavement, scrolling the internet remote job search websites and seeking informational interviews. Basically, if you are an avid reader of this website, you’re making all of the right moves. And we provide a lot of job search resources to get you to your ultimate goal. A remote job. The purpose of this article is to give 5 tips of things you MUST do to get a remote job.

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Step 1: To get a remote job – guard your mind

Guard your mind and clear out the negative clutter. These are the first steps to take before applying for a remote job. The Pew Research Center estimates 53% of Americans say social media is their main source of news for current events and other information.  It’s a good thing that we actively read rather than passively listen to what is being fed to us from legacy media news anchors. But, we can’t pat ourselves on the back yet. Research shows that social media platforms emphasize negative, sensational, polarizing information (click bait) to increase impressions and views.

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Psychologists at the American Psychological Association (APA) suggest “media saturation overload” results. Other terms coined to express the aftereffects of the blatant  manufacture and promotion of negative news are:  “doomscrolling,” “headline anxiety,” and “headline stress disorder.”

A head filled with negative, often untrue information is not helpful to any remote job seeker (recent graduates, mid-career transitioners, or retirees re-entering the job market).

Step 2:  To get a remote job – stop obsessing about  societal discord

It is not helpful to you. It does not benefit you. As Gordon Gekko of WallStreet  movie said, “if you’re not inside, you’re outside.” In the Atlantic, Peter Turchin, writes about the causes of societal discord. Namely, it occurs when “a society produces too many superrich and ultra-educated people, and not enough elite positions to satisfy their ambitions.” He opined  the richer have become richer,  while the incomes of middle America have stagnated. He attributes part of this income gap to the oversupply of adults with advanced degrees who are ferociously fighting, as if in hand-to-hand combat for the dwindling jobs of power and influence.

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It remains to be seen if the pandemic, mandated lockdowns,  BLM marches, January 6 protest, allegations of election interference, mass shootings, looting and rampant city crime has played a role in societal discord.

Your main concern must be yourself. Next, your family. Think about what you need to do to survive. To achieve your dreams. Once you are gainfully employed, then you can think about helping society at large.

Step 3: To get a remote job – realize you are being manipulated

A study from the University of Arizona and State University of New York- Stony Brook informs us that politicians and others, in an effort to maintain their power and influence use highly emotion-laden images to persuade. To influence people and to drive their opinions. And, they have been proven effective. Not only for the low-information audience, but for people who consider themselves well-versed on the subject. In “Persuasive Effects of Emotive Visual Imagery: Superficial Manipulation or Product of Passionate Reason?,” researchers concluded sensationalistic imagery (child experiencing intense hunger, abused animal, victims of violence and car crashes, for instance) is most persuasive among people who are somewhat knowledgeable about the topic.

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What does this mean? If you have a big heart for wild animals and are presented images of a dead rhinoceros and its tusk, this visual stimulus will impact you greater than someone who is more detached.

Most importantly for unemployed or mid-career transitioning job seekers, if you are already in an emotionally weakened state, images of negative stimuli will harm your psyche even more. Job seekers aggressively searching for a job may be stressed to meet financial obligations. Therefore, more prone to experience a higher emotional reaction to even the lowest impact stimuli.

When you are unemployed, you should not subject yourself or your psyche to negative stimuli. When employed, simulations of car crashes, spy thrillers, deep state can be entertaining and energizing. However, you’ve got to maintain your positivity, energy  and persistence in the midst of rejection letters, ghosting, fake far weather friends, and phantom references and past employers. 

Step 4: To get a remote job – reduce alcohol intake and recreational drug use

Sure,  alcohol and recreational drugs can help take the edge off. But, think to yourself. You need to be in your prime, fighting condition. Would you partake in illicit drug use right before getting into a WWE or MME ring? I didn’t think so. When you’re searching for a remote job, you need to use the same strategy. Its not a fight with 9 rounds. This fight for your perfect remote job can last a life time. One successive job after the other, until you achieve your ultimate goal.

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You’ve got to give the best you’ve got 24/7. There is no room for mistakes, fumbles or missed passes. You’ve got to be sharp, on point all of the time; mostly anyways.

Is this just my opinion? No. But, what does the data say?

Harvard Medical School reports that marijuana can lower your motivation and memory capabilities, decrease your attention span, and cause brain fog. There are even studies demonstrating that THC use can lower your intelligence quotient (IQ) by up to five points!

Step 5:  To get a remote job – sign a contract with yourself

Hi contract workers, freelancers and gig workers. What is the first thing you do before starting a new project? You get a signed work agreement. Some call this a contract. So, we would need to follow the same business principle. Apply this best practice to helping you achieve your own desires and set a course for a solid career path.

Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew, founders of and authors of the book, “New Rules of Work,” suggest that prepare a contract for your own signature!

Write down exactly what you want to do professionally. Identify the date your dream must be accomplished. Next you would need to jot down the steps you’ll take to get you from where you are now professionally to where you want to be by your pre-set deadline.

To get you started on the right career path, perfect for your interests, skills and abilities.  Sample goals could be to: find a remote job; change careers; earn more money; or earn same salary with less work.

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